March 5, 1772

1772 March 5 (Thursday).  Capt. Brigham in his Sleigh came and took me to ride with him in the Snow Storm, to Mr. Jonah and Levi Warrins to attend a Fast there on Account of their great and Sore Troubles — in particular on Consideration of the Languishing Condition of young Mrs. Warrin.  Messrs. Frost and Fish were there.  Mr. Fish prayed and preached a.m.  The Text was Mat. 17.17.  Those words, “bring him hither to me.”  P.M. Mr. Frost prayed and preached.  His Text Ps. 6.1 — 3 verses.  I prayed at the Conclusion.  O that God would hear and accept!  And that the word might do us good as it doth the upright!  Miss Lucy Hall of Sutton called and dined here, with a young Man who waited on her.