February 6, 1772

1772 February 6 (Thursday).  Alexander has my oxen, and having bought a sled, he carrys home 1 and 1/2 Bush. of Rye and about two of Indian Corn.  Capt. Benjamin Fay, at Eve, brings welcome Letters from Billy of his Wife’s Safe Deliverance last Sabbath Morning and that the Child was baptized the Same Afternoon Susanna: and from Mr. Moore of Jan. 14 that they were well.

February 7, 1772

1772 February 7 (Friday).  My Son and Daughter Cushing came to See us, and brought their Son John with them to our Joy.  Mr. Edwards Whipple and Mr. Nathan Maynard came and killed two Swine for us.  At Eve Master Taylor was here: and Mr. Joseph Harrington came about Mr. Hutchinsons Preaching at his House next Wednesday.  I told him Mr. Smith had appointed that day to visit me, and therefore I could not attend the Exercise — proposed Thursday.

February 11, 1772

1772 February 11 (Tuesday).  Mr. Cushing to Southborough.  Mrs. Maynard came to see us and dined.  Capt. Maynard afterwards came and dined.  We settled our Accounts and in ballancing I gave him a Note of 30£ old Tenor to the Constable Parker.  N.B. I put the Captain in mind of the Trouble Beeton has given me in preventing my People who work for me, going through his Land, as I reserved the Liberty, to the ministerial Lot.  He only Answered that it would be better to sell that Lot.

February 12, 1772

1772 February 12 (Wednesday).  Mr. Smith of Marlborough made us and our Cushings a Visit, and dined here.  I Suppose Mr. Hutchinson preaches this afternoon at Mr. Joseph Harringtons.  At Eve Jonathan Forbes brought my Watch which I had sent by Mr. John Harrington to Mr. John Rogers of Newtown to mend the Hook of the Chain.  He has also cleaned it, and I paid 25/ Old Tenor.  Mr. Taylor here at Evening.

February 14, 1772

1772 February 14 (Friday).  Mr. Adams here with me and Spends the Day here; which does exceedingly interrupt my Studys.  He wants a Number of my Books, and importunes me till I consent.  He has St. Augustine of the City of God.  Translation of Juvenal and Persius, by Dryden etc. and the Latin by  Farnaby: The Causes of the Decay of Christian Piety: the Gentlemans Library: Life of de Rente and the Christian Philosopher.  For which he gives me Mr. Gouge’s Works, Calvins Institutions; Dr. Youngs Night Thoughts, Dr. Whitbys Protestant Reconciler; Dr. Evans Christian Temper; and Dr. Stillingfleets Orig. Sacrae 4to.  To which he adds a Number of Pamphlets.  At Eve he goes to Dr. Hawes.  My Grandson Elias rides my Horse to Leicester and to leave him with my Son Alexander, my English Hay being short.

February 19, 1772

1772 February 19 (Wednesday).  My Wife and I, accommodated with Neighbour Newtons Horse in my Sleigh, rode over to Northborough.  Called to see Mrs. Martyn.  N.B. her son John Consuming.  We went thence to the House of Mourning.  Mrs. Whitney has been so wrought on that She has had Histeric affections.  We are obliged to converse with great Caution.  Mr. Smith and Mr. Barns from Marlborough there.  Dine together.  P.M. Mr. Morse and his wife came.  According to Mr. Whitneys Request I prayed at the Funerall.  A Sore Bereavement.  The Child was between 9 and 10 Months old.  May the Lord teach them His holy Will, and enable them to conform to it.  We returned home in the Eve — Calling at Mr. Ebenezer Maynards.

February 20, 1772

1772 February 20 (Thursday).  A Messenger for me to go to Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlain, whose Tongue is greatly Swelled So that he can very hardly Speak or Swallow.  I hastened down to him.  Find every one in great Distress.  Dr. Flynt there, who Says it is Rana Sub Lingua.  Dr. Parker came also.  We prayed and then Dr. F. blooded him under the Tongue, and it gave Some Relief.  However, his Case is still judged to be hazzardous.  Dined there.  Dr. Flynt accompanyed me as far as Mr. Ithamar Bellows where I visited.  Also I Stopped to See Lt. Bruce and his Wife, who are aged and infirm.  Prayed with them.  N.B. I delivered to Mr. Artemas Bruce’s wife the Petition signed by her, and delivered hastily to my Wife to be handed to me, two or three years Since; about alienating Deacon Tainters Legacy. When I came home here were Messrs. Silas Bailey and James Goddard of Bolton, desiring a Copy of what the Association voted at their Meeting last Fall concerning the Conduct of a Number of the Brethren of Bolton Church in  Dismissing and Excommunicating their Pastor.  I read to them what we did — but was not ready to give them a Copy of it.

February 22, 1772

1772 February 22 (Saturday).  My son Baldwin, though he designed to have gone home the North Road, yet finding it exceeding bad travelling by reason of the Thaw, the ground very hollow, he came up hither, to tarry over the sabbath with us.  He brings me various Accounts of my Relatives.  Particularly of my Brother, that he yet goes abroad — is conversible, performs Family Exercises etc.  Of my Cousen Winter, that her Brother Langdon has taken away from her what had been given by her F. Langdon, to her Daughter Molly etc.

February 24, 1772

1772 February 24 (Monday).  Mr. Baldwin left us.  I visited Mr. Levi Warrins Wife who is Sick, and is in a low Condition.  Prayed with them.  N.B. Molly also in distressing pain — probably the Cholic has Seized her.  Mrs. Warrin desires a Fast may be kept there, and that Mr. Frost might assist.  To which I readily Consent.  I went as far as Deacon Bonds, on various Occasions — particularly N.B. he gives way freely to have the Family Meeting, though appointed to be next time at his House, to be at old Lt. Bruce’s.

February 27, 1772

1772 February 27 (Thursday).  Preached a Lecture to young men from 1 Joh. 2.14 with large Additions of new Address.  Before Lecture Deacon Wood brought Mrs. Spring here in a Sleigh: but She could not bear the Cold of the Meeting House, and therefore went not there.  The Deacon also came again after Exercise and carryed her home.  Mr. Taylor here and tarrys the Eve.  My son Breck here also.

February 28, 1772

1772 February 28 (Friday).  Was at Mr. Newtons.  Dined at Deacon Woods.  At Mr. Wheelocks and at Mr. Hills.  Paid Mr. Arnold 8 Dollars in part for his Steer.  (N.B. have paid 4 Dollars before.)  Mr. William Brigham and Wife, their Kinsman Nathan Taplin and Miss Susan. Gleason, made us a Visit p.m. and Evening.  N.B. Mr. Brigham made a present of the large Keeler which he made some Months agoe, for Mrs. P________.