August 30, 1770

1770 August 30 (Thursday).  Master Hezekiah Taylor here; dines etc.  I preach’d a Lecture to the Society of Young Men, on Luk. VI.25 with much addition and Enlargement of what I delivered formerly on that Text.  Sir Taylor desires to board here.  Neighbour Zebulun Rice calls here.  At Eve Sent by Mr. Francis Whipple, to Mr. Nathaniel Balch, Hatter in Boston, 5 Dollars.  Send also by the same to Mr. John Rogers in Newtown, Sir Taylors Watch; and a Dollar to pay for the mending the Chain etc.  Mrs. Eunice Rice in Travail Pains: Mrs. P________ is Sent for, and is gone all Night.  Mr. Benjamin Fisk and Hannah Maynard (Daughter of Mr. David) were marryed.