August 15, 1770

1770 August 15 (Wednesday).  We parted with Mr. Brown and Family, and returned to Ashburnham.  We rode to Capt. Wilders and (though he was gone to Boston) Mrs. Wilder was apprized of our Coming and prepared.  We dined handsomely; Mrs. Winchester and her Daughter Harris there also.  P.M. took leave, and came (Mr. Cushing piloting through the Woods) to Fitchbourg.  Then Leominster.  Mr. Payson was so good as to conduct me; and we came the way by Mr. Swans at Leominster.  Called there and saw Mrs. Swan (who had heretofore been bed-rid many Years) came to the Door, though like the Apparition of a Ghost; and told me she had a Daughter who has kept her Bed for 8 Months.  Proceeded to Mr. Gardners and lodged there.  Mr. Payson, who came with me thus far, returned home.