August 16, 1770

1770 August 16 (Thursday).  Came from Mr. Gardners Somewhat late in the Morning.  He was So good as to accompany me part of the Way to Lancaster.  Called at Mr. Greens (Dr. Peter’s Father).  Dined at Mr. Harringtons, who acquainted me with the proceedings at Bolton and with Mr. Goss’s present Case under Confinement to his Bed, by Lameness.  N.B. Dr. Wait has the Care of him.  The brief Story of Dr. Wait.  Called at Mr. Josh. Townsends by reason of what has occurred lately relative to Dr. Nat. Martyn, who has lately absconded.  His wife and two Children at Mr. Townsends.  Thought it my Duty to visit Mr. Goss under his complicated Troubles and Disasters.  Returned home by Mr. Whitneys, where I called.  Arrived, D.G., in safety.