December 17, 1769

1769 December 17 (Sunday).  A.M. Preached again on 2 Cor. 7.10.  I prepared also Several parts of another Exercise, on Repentence which I could not use, finding it necessary and unavoidable to treat of another part of the subject, and to do it from former preparations, viz. an Exposition of Mat. 3.8 (but read Luk. 3.8) and it being so Short a Day, and many Grafton people at Meeting, I was therefore obliged to omitt what I had prepared and designed to deliver.  May God forgive my great Defects, Weaknesses and Miscarriages, for the Sake of Jesus Christ!  Mrs. Mary Amsden, widow, dined with us.  At Eve Visited and prayed at Neighbour Arnolds.  Mrs. P______ was with me.  ‘Tis hoped they are growing better.