December 3, 1769

1769 December 3 (Sunday).  Though Mrs. Brigham would have me go to Bed there, it being after midnight, yet I chose to return home.  Slept and was refreshed.  God has wonderfully sustained me.  His name be magnifyed!  Omitted public Reading a. and p.m.  Preached a.m. on Act 17.30.  P.M. on Act.2.38, former part.  After Introduction, Opening the Occasion of the words, and an Account of Repentence, used the last Catechetical Exercise on Baptism.  Mr. Jonathan Grout having informed me that his Brother Mr. Moses Brigham dyed a little while after I left him, I (by Desire) informed the Congregation of the Funeral proposed to be next Wednesday at 12 o’Clock — and the Monthly meeting to be at Mr. Jonah Warrins.  N.B. Mrs. Dunlop dined with us.  O that God would grant His Blessing on our Spiritual Provisions this Day!