November 2, 1769

1769 November 2 (Thursday).  Rode to Southborough to Capt. Wards etc.  Dined at Mr. Stones.  Preached his Lecture on Dan. 5.25, “and this was the Writing” etc.  O that it might be properly improved by every Hearer!  Returned home at Evening.  Several young women came to help Sarah in Quilting, viz. Sarah Spring, Hitty Forbes, and two of Mr. Ebenezer Millers Daughters.  Also Nanny Brigham’s here.

November 4, 1769

1769 November 4 (Saturday).  Deacon Wood came to talk with my Son about Anne Newton.  It was an Affair that I did not care to open my Lips about.  I gave my Son a Note of Hand, written to Mr. Samuel Haskell for the Colt which Mr. Forbes lately Sent me from him, of £13.6.8 lawful money to be Paid Jan.1 next, to him or his Order.  Ebenezer is accompanyed on his Journey by his Sister Bond, who is going to Brookfield.  John goes to Capt. Maynards Cyder-Mill, for a Barrell of Cyder which Mr. Ebenezer Maynard is So kind as to Present me.  Mr. Stone of Yarmouth calls to see me.

November 7, 1769

1769 November 7 (Tuesday).  Wrote by Mr. Elijah Hardy to Mr. Procter and Mr. Mein about the Chronicle.  That it Should be sent to Procters no more etc.  Visit at Mr. Abraham Bonds, by reason of the late remarkable Providence in Saving their youngest Child from Drowning in their Well.  Visit also at Mr. Burns’s, Parkers etc.  Dined at Mr. Moses Brighams and prayed there.  P.M. attend the Family Meeting at Mr. Jonathan Grouts.  Preached on Song 1.4.  At Eve Mr. Abraham Bond here.  Miss Molly Baker and Molly Harrington quilt for Sarah.

November 8, 1769

1769 November 8 (Wednesday).  A Number of Women came to help Sarah in Quilting, Sewing, and Spinning.  They were (according to their Coming) Miss Molly Whipple, Mrs. Hannah Forbes (Elisha’s Wife), Mrs. Tainter and Mrs. Hannah Miller, Mrs. Forbes (Mr. Daniels Wife) and Widow Kendal, Mr. Ezra Bakers Wife and Miss Lydia Chamberlain.  N.B. Mrs. Rebecca Warrin of Upton dined here.  P.M. Came Mrs. Eunice (of Joseph) Rice, to the Same Work.  Mr. Joseph Bowker of Symsbury here.  N.B. This Day I have been Ordained 44 Years.  May I have Grace to take better Notice, and O that I might escape the Doom of the Slothful and unprofitable Servant!

November 9, 1769

1769 November 9 (Thursday).  I prepared an Explanation of the Ordinance of Baptism, and delivered it at the Catechetical Exercise to Young Women.  Including my Daughters Cushing and Hannah (Sophy was too ill to go) there were only 14.  I could not Sing; and therefore omitted it at this Time.  After meeting I rode to Mr. Daniel Warrins and to Mr. Abraham Beemans.  When I returned found Mrs. Ruhamah Newton and her Sister Hannah Rice (the Wife of Jacob) were here to visit us.

November 10, 1769

1769 November 10 (Friday).  Closely engaged in sermonizing, except while Joseph and Benjamin Rice from Annapolis were here.  They brought a Letter from their Father.  Sarah to Capt. Maynards to try for an Iron Pot and Kittle there.  Neighbour Nathan Kenny here at Evening and says his Mother Williams has an Heifer that is in a strange Condition, and they fear she has been bit by a Mad Dog.

November 12, 1769

1769 November 12 (Sunday).  Read Ezek. 9 and preached especially on v. 3, taking Special Notice of its being now Forty Five Years Since the founding of this Church and my own Ordination.  O what praise is due to God for His Long-suffering, what shame and Humiliation belong to me for my unprofitableness!  May God be pleased to pardon and quicken and assist Me!  And O that what ever threatning Aspects there are, yet that the Lord would not Remove from us!  P.M. Read 2 Cor. 8 and preached on Ps. 139.23.24.  Left off Singing in publick at Eve.  Read the Proclamation, which I received [illegible] this Noon Time from Jonathan How.

November 13, 1769

1769 November 13 (Monday).  Send by Mr. Daniel Nurse to Mr. Meins and Flemings Printing Office for the Chronicle, though I cease sending to Procters for it, the Other Westborough Papers are left there.  Mr. Samuel Barrett of Boston Merchant returning from a long Journey, waited on by his Black, calls to See me.  Mr. Edwards Whipple here at Evening.  Sarah is getting all manner of Things ready for her Remove from us.

November 15, 1769

1769 November 15 (Wednesday).  Mr. [blank] Ames comes with a Team for Sarah’s Goods.  He dines here, loads and goes to Mr. Job Cushings at Shrewsbury, to stay over the Thanksgiving there.  The [Near?] Neighbours, or persons with them, disturb me with their shooting at Fowls, Some time in the Evening, to my great Grief, to think how poorly their Minds are prepared.

November 17, 1769

1769 November 17 (Friday).  Rode out to hire Money to Send to Mr. Gray at Boston.  Dined at Mr. Morse’s.  Went to Deacon Bonds and Mr. Tainters.  N.B. a great Court at Capt. Maynards on the Case of Phinehas Gleason, and Amasa Maynard.  Mr. Caleb Rice with Mr. Stones Daughters came to see us and dined here.  Mr. Belknap bought a Pig of me, weighed 71 pounds.  Offered 3 Coppers per pound and Paid me: he also took it away.  Lieut. Harrington came with a Cart and brought me about a Score of Cabbages and a Panniard of Turnips.

November 18, 1769

1769 November 18 (Saturday).  We have the Sorrowfull News of the Death of the Rev. Mr. Silas Biglow, pastor of the Church in Paxton, of about 29 years.  Was just going to be marryed to Miss Sarah Hall of Sutton.  A most heavy Stroke!  The Lord Sanctifie it!  And repair the Breach!  Went to Deacon Woods to try to hire some money, but could not.  Mrs. Wood Shaved me.  P.M. Rode to Southborough — to Capt. Wards.  Bought of him 2 1/2 yards Half Thick, for Pillion Cloth and 2 1/2 Tow Cloth, half a piece of Quality — and a felt Hat for Elias.  Mr. Stone to Westborough.  I lodged at Mr. Stones.

November 19, 1769

1769 November 19 (Sunday).  I preached at Southborough, a.m. on Mal. 1.11.  P.M. on Heb. 12.28, and baptized Caleb, Son of Ezra Newton, and Huldah, Daughter of John Witherby.  N.B. Dr. Prentice of Lancaster prayed for, as being near his End.  I returned home at Eve.  Met Mr. Stone who preached a. and p.m. on Isa. 9.3, mid. Clause, “they joy before thee, according to the Joy in Harvest.”

November 21, 1769

1769 November 21 (Tuesday).  Although a great deal of Rain falls yet Mr. Cushing and his Landlord, Capt. Wilder, are come; but some other Company which they expected, are not arriv’d.  Capt. Wilder lodges here.  Receive Several Letters from Rochester — all very Well.  Suses Breast restored; their Daughter fattens apace.  D.G.  But Mr. Seth Haskell is dead!  He was a serious Man.  Help, Lord!

November 22, 1769

1769 November 22 (Wednesday).  This morning came Deacon Fellows, Deacon Cheney of Ashburnham, and Mr. Job Cushing.  They breakfast here.  Master Nat.  Harrington can’t get either Chaise or Horse, and therefore does not go.  But between 10 and 11 a.m., Sarah and her Company leave us; John also and Sophy goes with them.  The Day bright, and May God Himself Graciously guard and bless them!  They design as far as Col. Caleb Wilders in Lancaster, by Night; and to Ashburnham, by leave of Providence, tomorrow.  Visit Mrs. Arnold and pray with her.  At Eve I wrote to Mr. Moore, to be sent by the way of Grafton.

November 23, 1769

1769 November 23 (Thursday).  A bright Day Smiles upon those who travel to Ashburnham.  Visit Mrs. Arnold again.  Delivered 12£ old Tenor to Mr. Nat. Sartel Prentice of Grafton, for Mr. William Grey of Boston.  Mr. Prentice consents to pay him for me 3£ O.T. more, which I am to repay when he returns, next Saturday.  Visit Mr. Moses Brigham, and dined there.  His Father came; also Mr. Joseph Brigham and his Wife.  Prayed with them.  Went to see Ensign Jeduthan Fay, to hear his Account of the very Sudden Death of Mr. Joseph Morse, of Framingham, son of Deacon Morse, yesterday p.m., Ensign being present at the Time.  May God grant I may be always Ready!

November 26, 1769

1769 November 26 (Sunday).  Read Ezek. 10.  Preached on Act. 17.30.  P.M. Read 2 Cor. 9.  Preached on Isa. 31.6, using chiefly what I before delivered on that Text, but with a great Addition in the forepart on Turning, and great Addition to the Application — Reasons for turning now, immediately, considering the Sudden Deaths of late, etc.  Mr. Thomas Winchester dined with us; as did old Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Fessenden.

November 29, 1769

1769 November 29 (Wednesday).  Mr. Sumner has sent me Word of his Lecture to Day; and I much desired to go but was divers Ways hindered.  Sent by Mr. Nurse a Letter to Mrs. Holbrook for 7 Volumes of the Morning Exercise.  John is poorly and confined; none but Elias to tend the Cattle etc.  Mr. Isaac Stone of Woodstock here with Leather Breeches to sell.  I agreed with him to make a Pair for John, the best he can afford for 5 Dollars, to send them in about a Month.  P.M. Visit and prayed with Mrs. Green.  Called at Each of the Whipple’s.

November 30, 1769

1769 November 30 (Thursday).  Deacon Wood killed a Cow for me, which I had some Years ago of Mr. Moses Twitchell.  Mr. N. Whitney assisted a while but Word came that Mr. Jonah Warrin was in a Fit, at his (Mr. Whitney’s) House.  He therefore left us; And then Mr. Ezra Baker came and helped.  Deacon and he dined here.  P.M. Mrs. Kenny (Neighbour Nathans Wife) and her sister Ruth (Pratt), whose home is at Monadnock, made us a Visit, bringing their Babys.  N.B. The latter, Mrs. Pratt, has gone through great Affliction in her Child bearing; but through the great Goodness of God is finely recovered.  Neighbour Joseph Bond (who brought me a Load of Wood from Ministerial Lot) spends Some Time in the Evening here.  Thus ends another Month!  The Lord Pardon the Defects and Miscarriages of it!