April 7, 1768

1768 April 7 (Thursday).  The Same Averseness continues in Mrs. Conant.  Both her Brothers John and Joseph Edwards come — to little purpose — for although She was brought to speak as if She consented, yet it went so against her, that I chose to suspend the Matter; and would not run the Venture of another Disappointment.  Capt. Maynard returning from Mr. Locks, was my Company in returning.  I visited at Capt. Griffins.  Dined at Mr. Campbells.  Called at Mr. Bowmans.  Drank Tea at Mr. Hutchinsons (who was come from the Funeral of old Mr. Ebenezer Brooks).  Arrived safe at my own House through divine Favour.  But John was poisoned by working in the Swamp, in which was Dog-Wood.