March 11, 1768

1768 March 11 (Friday).  Alexander came from Framingham last night.  He is earnestly desirous to buy Mr. Conants place and Works at Oxford.  Have Occasion to look over many of my old papers, Collections and Letters of many Friends to me — not a little affecting.  Pursue my Studys, preparing for the sabbath — but alas too lamely and scantily.  Am much interrupted by my intruding and pressing Thoughts on Alexander’s Case.  Committ the matter to God who cares for me and mine.  Thomas Temple at Eve.

March 14, 1768

1768 March 14 (Monday).  A.M. visit Deacon Forbes and pray with him.  P.M. Mr. Seth Morse, the Captain Sends for me to pray with his Artillery-Company nigh the Meeting-House.  Am escorted by Drums, Serjeants and a Number of Musketeers.  It was very Cold, and I invited in to my House Lieutenants John and Michael Martyn.  And here were Master Goddard, Capt. Williams of Northborough etc.  N.B. Mr. Goddard at Eve tells me he was at Mr. Andrews’s when the Deacons of the Church went there with the Churchs vote and he heard them read it to Mr. Andrews, and her Answer by which he understood that She accepted it as I had expressed — namely that She was to be admitted as a professor in General and not as a Member of one particular Church nor another.

March 15, 1768

1768 March 15 (Tuesday).  Alexander left us early to go to Framingham to Mr. Brown’s and carrys a Letter from me to him, desiring his Advice about Mr. Conants place and works at Oxford.  John went to Mr. Flagg, Maltster at Grafton.  Pays for and brings 4 Bushel of Malt.  The price 1/2 a Dollar per Bushel.  P.M. Mr. Mellen here, in his way to Hopkinton.  Mr. Forbes came from Brookfield and lodged here.

March 20, 1768

1768 March 20 (Sunday).  Storm of Snow.  Deacon Wood Sends before Meeting to know whether I will put by the Sacrament.  I choose to know the Mind of the Church.  When I went to Meeting, there were but few Members.  Brother Chamberlain advised that we begin, and we might judge better after prayer.  I complyed.  After Prayer and Singing (having omitted Reading) I addressed the Church, and observed to them that there being so many present, both of men and Women, and they having taken such pains to come expecting the Administration, I conceived it would not be best to disappoint them and therefore, without further Difficulty, should proceed.  I preached on 1 Tim. 3.16, former part.  Mrs. Andrews at Meeting and at Communion.  I directed Mrs. P________ to invite her to Dinner, especially as it was Such a Storm.  She did, and She accordingly came.  I asked Capt. Brigham to go to my House.  So did my Wife, but he came not.  Master Goddard dined here.  He preached p.m. on Isa. 55.7.  May God graciously accept our Offerings, and bless His Word to us!

March 22, 1768

1768 March 22 (Tuesday).  Mr. Joseph Willard dines with us: tells me they have called him at Bedford.  I visited aged Deacon Forbes: found him more Comfortable in his Mind: thinks he has good ground to hope he has Interest in Christ, and that his foundation is Sure.  I prayed with him; and he told me he could attend — but he is now extremely worn away: his Dissolution is surely nigh.  I visited also Mrs. Wheelock, who is in a great Affliction by a bad Breast — which was lanced to Day.  Mr. Hutchinson (though he calls not at our House) was there.  Said something to him of his Reply to Mr. Tucker — viz., his mixing what was sarcastical and Jocose or ludicrous with what is Spiritual and sublime.  He seems not to be willing to take it.

March 24, 1768

1768 March 24 (Thursday).  Deacon Wood and Mr. Tainter kill two of our Hoggs (nigh 11 Months old) and at Eve they came and cutt them out.  N.B. they weighed, one 201, and 216.  They were at Supper with us.  Mrs. Tainter also.  But what was chiefly remarkable to Day was, Deacon Forbes expired about 8 o’Clock this Morning, having just compleated his 84th Year.  When his sister Byles and Brother Samuel were living, their Ages, together with their sister Grow’s, amounted to 348.  And indeed as the 3 first were far advanced in their Year it might be accounted 351.  Miss Mary Steward, half sister to the two last, is now in her 80th year also.  May the Lord sanctifie this Death to us, and quicken us to, and assist us in our preparation for our own Decease!


[Marginal notation:]  93





March 25, 1768

1768 March 25 (Friday).  I am much employed upon the great Mystery of the Trinity — the importance of it, and Necessity of believing it: consulting various Authors upon it — but confess I make but too little way a Head.  May the Lord open it to me!  At Eve Mr. Edmund Chamberlain and his wife here to talk with me; but they came too late and when it was a great Interruption to me — but I gave way to it, and attended upon ‘em awhile.  Mr. Forbes came from Brookfield and lodged here.  Mr. John Wood brought me 2 1/4 Yards of blue broad Cloth from Samuel which I buy of Mr. Forbes, and take it for Money delivered him ([or which he received?]) for my son Ebenezer, a year agoe, per Capt. Maynard — at 5£ old Tenor per yard.  Mr. Wood brought also a Letter from Mr. Holbrook informing me that he was grown better.

March 27, 1768

1768 March 27 (Sunday).  My son Forbes came to preach for me, though, he tells me, his Brother Fish was displeased with him that he would not at Upton.  Read Jer. 13 and Act. 15.  Mr. Forbes a.m. on Job 30.23.  P.M. Prov. 16.31.  The Lord sanctifie the Word and providence to our effectual awakening!  The aged pair, Mrs. Dunlop and Mrs. Kelly, dined here.  Mr. Forbes lodges here.

March 30, 1768

1768 March 30 (Wednesday).  Mr. Brown and I rode through Sutton North Parish (calling at Mr. Chaplins Door, having Met with him on the Way; and [lit?] at my Kinsman Trasks).  Lt. Trask shews us the way up to Mr. Conants.  Dine there.  View his Works and little Farm of about 50 Acres.  Spend the Eve and Night there.  N.B. Capt. Elijah Moore’s Farm put up to Day (as we are informed) at Vendue.

March 31, 1768

1768 March 31 (Thursday).  Make and write and Sign, an Agreement with Mr. Conant for his Mill, Tools, Farm and Apprentice, John Millen, in behalf of my son Alexander.  Esq. Henshaw informs that Mr. Maccarty was yesterday taken with a Fit etc.  Dine at Mr. Bowmans.  Visit and drink Tea at Mr. Halls — his Daughter Lucy very ill.  Return at Evening.  My Mare stumbled and threw me just by my House — but received only Slight Hurt, through divine Goodness; Mr. Brown with me.  In the Business and Journey of the Day, Mr. Brown accompanys me.  He Says the mortgaging the Premises was what he had thought of and was designing to advise to and recommend for Conants security.  He lodges here.  How manifold the divine Mercys!  How exciting to Gratitude, praise and Obedience!