May 1, 1768

1768 May 1 (Sunday).  Read Jer. 17.  Preached on 1 Tim. 3.16.  Admit Edmund and Ruth Chamberlain.  Administered the Lords Supper.  Mr. Goddard dines here.  P.M. read Act. 19.  Mr. Goddard preaches on Cant. 2.16.  May God be gracious to us, accept of us and bless His Ordinances!  Mr. Goddard lodges here.  Mrs. Andrews not at meeting nor for several sabbaths.

May 4, 1768

1768 May 4 (Wednesday).  William takes away his White Cow and her Calf.  John goes with him, and they drive before them my Nurse Cow and two yearlings to summer at Ashby.  My wife and I attend the Funeral of Mr. Temple’s Child, and thence to Mr. Whitneys at Northborough who brings home his Wife.  Only Mr. Morse and I (with our Wives) of the Neighbouring Ministers at Dinner.  Mr. Sumner came p.m.  Mr. Cummings of Billerica and his Wife, with other Relatives, came with them.  An handsome Entertainment made by many people; and many of them Wait upon us there.  We sang Ps. 115, latter part.  Returned at Eve.  N.B. I send per Mrs. Wood £53.18.0 to Mr. Joseph Stratton of Waltham which I received of my son William and for him.

May 12, 1768

1768 May 12 (Thursday).  Held at Catechetical Exercise.  14 Young Women came.  Began at Question 85.  I took no Text; but opened both the Question and Answer in a more general brief pathetick manner, then pitched upon Faith in particular and used from p. 4 to 8th of sermon on John 3.36.  Mrs. Butler, from Framingham, who resides at her Nephew’s, Deacon Wood, came to see us.  Mrs. Wood accompanys her here.  I was sent for to the Raising of Levi Warrins New House.  Sang Ps. 128, omitting v. [blank] in Dr. Watts’s Version.  Persis.  My mare very ill.

May 15, 1768

1768 May 15 (Sunday).  Read Jer. 19.  Carryed on the Subject from 1 Tim. 3.16, but read for my Text Joh. 1.14, former part.  P.M. Read Act. 80 and on Consideration that tomorrow is appointed to be Town-Meeting to choose a Representative, I preached on Exod. 18.21, using great Part of what I delivered formerly on Occasion of March-Meeting — but varied and with Additions concerning a Representative.  N.B. Capt. Jonas Brigham at noon desired me to baptize his Child, which was lately born.  I asked him whether he was in Charity with me.  He answered Yes.  I asked him twice, and he answered twice.  I thereupon consented to, and did it.  Hear that my Daughter Baldwin is at Dr. Balls; being poorly again.

May 16, 1768

1768 May 16 (Monday).  I got Deacon Woods Chair and rode over to Dr. Balls.  Found my Daughter there, and went with her to Mr. Whitneys, and dined there.  He delivers me Dr. Chauncy against Dr. Chandler on an American Episcopate.  Visit Mrs. Martyn and two sons.  Agree with Hawkins the Taylor to make me a Coat.  He dwells at Mrs. Eagers, where is her Daughter Cutler of Oxford, who is in much Spiritual Distress.  Return at Eve with my Daughter here.  The Town has met, but have not chose a Representative.  The North People have not liked their Notification.  Alexander has strained himself a few Days ago, and is now not well.

May 23, 1768

1768 May 23 (Monday).  Alexander to Sturbridge.  Mr. Breck and I rode to Boston.  We stopped at Col. Buckminsters.  Dined at Mr. Woodwards.  Called at Mr. Jacksons (at Brookline).  Arrived at Cousen Procters nigh sun sett.  Put up the Horse at Mr. May’s.  Lodged at Cousen Loyds, with Coll. Hinckley of Brunswick.  N.B. Dr. John Hill lives at Loyds.

May 25, 1768

1768 May 25 (Wednesday).  Mr. Shute of Hingham preached the Election sermon on Ezr. 10.4.  Arise for this matter belongeth to thee etc.  No public Dinner for the ministers.  I dined at Mr. Loyds.  P.M. at Dr. Sewals.  Was nominated for moderator but earnestly refused to be put to Vote.  Mr. Dunbar was chose and prayed.  At Eve at Mr. Quincys.  N.B. He tells me his son Neddys progress in mines at Stoughtonham, Medway etc.  Lodged at my Kinswoman’s, Bradfords.

May 26, 1768

1768 May 26 (Thursday).  Attended the Convention again.  The Plan for a fund for the Relief of Ministers Widows and Orphans falls through.  A proposal of Venerable Dr. Sewals, that the Ministers should manifest their hearty adherance to the great Truths of the Gospel, and guard our Pulpits by Examining Candidates, was read, and urged by Several to be acted upon, or at least to be considered by this Convention, but when it was put to Vote, it passed in the negative; to my great Grief, and even astonishment.  Mr. Tucker preached on Col. 4.11.  Dined at Mr. Mathers.  After Dinner Mr. Loring led me to the House of Mr. Ebenezer Brown, an Housewright: where were gathered a Number of devout Women: Sixteen or Eighteen of them in a by-Chamber.  There we prayed, and I preached on Ps. 34.8.  It was a Season of Spiritual Endearment.  May my Soul be united to all them that truely fear the Lord as these persons Seem to do.  I went at Eve to Mr. Mays where lodges Westborough Representative and who has brought me from my wife 50£ who received it of Mr. Biglow the Constable.  I returned to the North End and lodged at Cousen Winters, where Suse Makes an home.

May 27, 1768

1768 May 27 (Friday).  At Mr. Mains and buy 1/2 Dozen of Willisons.  At Mr. [Perkins?] and by Catechisms and small Books to give away.  Dined at Mr. Loyds.  Call at Mr. Holbrooks, and find him worse.  Call at Mr. Adams’s at Roxbury.  Go to Cambridge.  Take some View [of] the New Library.  Lodge in College with Mr. Moore.

May 28, 1768

1768 May 28 (Saturday).  In the Morning Visit Brother Champney and Sisters — Poor sister Barrett is very ill — is delirious — prayed with them and took leave.  Prosecute my Journey.  Call at Mr. N. Goddards and pay him for Cheese (22 1/2 lbs.; at 2.6 per pound) and buy 24 1/2 lbs. more.  When I came home and sent Mr. Grout his Horse, behold it had been changed: I had got a wrong Horse.

May 30, 1768

1768 May 30 (Monday).  Alexander goes early to Cambridge and Boston to get Mr. Grouts Horse if he can be found.  Billy came a.m. not from Ashby, but from Brookfield.  I provide a Tire for Cart-Wheels which he has been making for me.  The Iron of Mr. Nurse, and Mr. Beeton does the work.  Mr. Smith from Marlborough to see me, and dines here.  Mr. Hall of Sutton also.  Mr. Biglow, who paid me in Cash and Notes Last week £113