April 1, 1768

1768 April 1 (Friday).  Mr. Brown takes my Mare with him to Framingham for Alexander to ride home.  A Time of Difficulty with us by reason of Shortness of Hay — two Cows have calv’d; by the Snow and cold and slender portions of English Hay, fear they will not do well.  We give them the more Meal, of which, through divine Goodness, we have good store.  Sent for Mr. Hezekiah Pratt who comes, and pulls up the weather of one of the Cows; and we prepare Comfry Root and milk, which is given her.  P.M. Mrs. Wheelock so ill as to send for me.  I went, conversed, prayed with her, and may the Lord Pity and hear!  Mr. George Andrews came to See me; was very pleasant and free — stayed and drank Tea with us.  He came for this Special Purpose (I suppose) to ask whether Mr. Fish might preach at his House or at Mr. Daniel Forbes’s where the next family Meeting is appointed or may be at the Meeting House?  I answered yes, at either of them as would be most convenient: or he might preach my Lecture when [illegible] — or I was willing to change with him.