May 25, 1767

1767 May 25 (Monday).  Mr. Nathan Maynard here and pays me in Cash and Notes 71£ old Tenor.  Mr. Breck and Ebenezer Set out for Boston and Watertown.  Mr. Bucknam journeying to see his dying Daughter Clark at Rutland, calls here.  I undertook my Journey to Boston.  Dine at Mr. Joseph Brighams in Marlborough.  Called at Coll. Williams and committed to him the Affair of a small plat of Land to be laid before the Proprietors at their Meeting to Day, and which Plat Mr. Bradish is to deliver.  Was at Mr. Smiths — at Mrs. Baldwins in Sudbury — visit Mrs. Lock (Joshua’s wife) in her Distress.  Lodged at Mr. Bridge’s.