May 11, 1767

1767 May 11 (Monday).  I had writ by Mr. Moore to Mr. Smith, consider and also confer with Mr. Stone about my Case.  I hoped also to meet him at Southborough.  I expected also Mr. Barrett to go — but he did not come here last night (at least in season).  He lodged at Capt. Woods.  I went to him this morning but he went to Hopkinton.  I rode to Mr. Stones and dined there, in Company with Messrs. Smith, Steward, Moore, and Cushing, whose Mother and sister Bridget were with us.  Mr. Stone and Smith consult and advise etc. etc.  Called at Lt. Nathan Brighams.  Mr. Cushing takes Elias behind him, to carry him to Capt. Jonathan Fays to board and go to school.  My Hay being short, Mr. M________ takes Care of his Horse himself.