June 1, 1767

1767 June 1 (Monday).  Visit and pray with Mrs. Ruth Chamberlin sick and low.  Mr. Moore here from Mendon.  Breck returns here from Boston.  [Mrs. P________ informs me that on the 26th ult. Mr. Putnam of Pomfret was here: on the 27th Ebenezer returned home with 5 Cattle: 28 Temple returned to my work: and 29 Ebenezer went home to Brookfield.]

June 2, 1767

1767 June 2 (Tuesday).  Breck returns to Ashby and takes with him a Cow and two Young Creatures.  Jonas Kenny goes with him and drives Mr. Nurse’s Cattle to Billy.  Mr. Moore carrys Suse to Boston.  P.M. Our Church Meeting on Mrs. Andrews Case.  Previous to the Opening the Meeting had some free Conference with those Brethren who were come — in which I challenged the Liberty to be at least a Member and a Voter, and to be as free as they; that is, that As I invaded none of their Consciences, they might not invade mine: and not be thought hard of, if I did not see things in the same Light which they did, and did vote differently from them: that if I did not act according to my Authority yet I must not be faulted if I acted according to my Right as a Brother.  Nay, since I am the oldest Member in the Church some respect should rather be shewn me, than that any should abridge my Liberty.  This I spoke with reference to the Conduct of Brother Jonas Brigham, and others who I conceive abetted him last meeting.  Some other Things I said also in order to promote peace and Harmony among us at this so very critical Time.  Then we proceeded.  The Report of the Committee was read 2 or three times.  Some amendments were made: and then it was voted.  We voted also for a Deacon and Capt. Wood was chose.  After Meeting a Number of Brethren came to my House, viz. Mr. Belknap, Cornet Brigham, Capt. Brigham, Mr. Batheric and Mr. Gale.  The last, at parting, said they thought they would come in to Shew me Respect and Friendship.  N.B. As I moved to have two Brethren appointed to wait on Capt. Wood to inform him of what the Church had done — so it was moved that two might go to Mrs. Andrews to acquaint her etc. — which lest there Should be Oppositions and Misconstruction again, I gave way to, though it seemed such a strange overdoing.

June 4, 1767

1767 June 4 (Thursday).  Carryed Elias to board at Mr. Ebenezer Millers, where the School is kept.  Visit Mrs. Hardy, who is very low.  She desires me to Speak several Things to her Mates, the young People of Westborough, which I took minutes of.  Visit the Neighbourhood beyond, especially Mrs. Twitchel, and prayed with her.  Returned to Mrs. Hardy, and pray with her.  Mrs. Hardy dies this night.

June 6, 1767

1767 June 6 (Saturday).  Mr. Forbes here, and urges that if he stays to preach for me, then I must go and try to get Mr. Maccarty to go to Leicester, and Mr. Conkling must go to Brookfield.  Mr. Joseph Bruce is going up with the Messages.  I consent and Write by him to Mr. Maccarty.  Mr. Forbes also procures me Mr. Ebenezer Forbes Horse.  P.M. We attended Mrs. Hardys Funeral; Mr. Forbes being her Pastor, prayed.  From thence went up to Worcester; Squire Goddard of Sutton accompanys from Mr. Sumners.  Met Dr. Throop and my Daughter Sarah from Brookfield.  Mr. Maccarty consents, but ‘tis not his Custom to go the Evening before.  Lodge there.

June 8, 1767

1767 June 8 (Monday).  At Mr. Swans — who mends my Watch-Case, and does it gratis.  At Capt. Curtis’s, Mr. Sumners, Mrs. Cushings — dined at Capt. Allens — and being repeatedly desired, I called at Mr. Moses Hastings’s, he being exceeding low and distressed, in both mind and Body.  Prayed with him; but despair of Seeing him again.  Mr. Forbes to Boston: Dr. Throop to Providence.

June 10, 1767

1767 June 10 (Wednesday).  Mr. Smith from Marlborough makes me a Visit, not knowing of the Lecture.  He is not well-pleased with what we have Done, in our Church, respecting Mrs. Andrews’s Admission.  He gives me a Letter from himself about Capt. Jonathan Goodenow, who is complained of by Robert Baker.  Mr. Stone preached my Lecture on Gal. 1.4.  Mr. Ebenezer Garfield of Shrewsbury acquaints me with the Death of Mr. Hastings, whom I was with on the 8th and the Widows desire that I would go up to the Funeral tomorrow.  Mr. Moore and Suse return from Boston.  Master Cushing also [returned?] — tarry, Sups and lodges here.

June 11, 1767

1767 June 11 (Thursday).  Elias goes to board at Mr. Joseph Harringtons (with Stephen and Gott Maynard) to go to School at Mr. Ebenezer Millers.  Rode to Shrewsbury.  Dined at Dr. Crosbys.  At the Funeral of Mr. Moses Hastings, and prayed.  In returning, was at Mr. J. Knowltons and at Mr. Samuel Fays.  Mrs. P. preparing for her Journey.

June 13, 1767

1767 June 13 (Saturday).  Rev. Mr. James Moreton of Blanford dined here.  P.M. Dr. Hawes carrys me to Mr. Andrews’s.  I went upon supposition that She designed, by vertue of the late vote of the Church, to come to the Communion.  But when she came to understand what the Church had done about her by my Reading the Vote of the Church, etc. She would not accept of it; nor did She give any Reason to suppose She would come tomorrow.  Copys of the Vote of the Church in appointing a Committee and of the Report of that Committee were given them.  But She did not appear willing to come to Communion tomorrow notwithstanding all I did to mollifie and Compose her.  I told her I was come to make her a Visit as a Pastor would to a Communicant before the supper; and as I had told the Church that I would take a Time (if I could) to examine into her Knowledge and soundness in the Faith, so this was my present Errand, and would have her take it in good Part.  This Conduct of theirs I fear will give me new Trouble, as I doubt not those who are prejudiced against me, and deeply engaged in their Defence, will lay even this also to me, as if I were the Cause of her not coming.  But tis well I had Some Body (Dr. Hawes) with me, to bear Witness of what was said.  N.B. My son Forbes had come last night after we were in Bed and asleep, from Boston at 4 p.m. yesterday — acquaints me that the Court has employed him in the Affair of educating four Children of the Onida Indians from Six to Ten years old, upon the Warren Benefaction.  He also desires me to write to Mr. Mein on his Behalf to Send Magazines to him by Me.  He left us for home.

June 14, 1767

1767 June 14 (Sunday).  A.M. Read Isa. 58.  Preached on 1 Thess. 14.14 and at the Close delivered what the late Mrs. Rachel Hardy desired I would just before her expiring.  Administered the Lords supper.  Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Andrews at Meeting.  Mr. Daniel Forbes assisted in distributing the Elements.  Mr. Cushing and Mrs. Maynard dined here.  Several Widows were invited (Mrs. Judith Bellows, Mrs. Tryphena Bowker) but did not come.  Mr. Artemas Bruce’s Wife here at noon, and ill.  P.M. read Act. 2.  Delivered the latter part of sermon on Rom. 8.7 and with some peculiar Pathos.  May God be pleased to accompany with His special Blessing!  After Meeting Spake with Mr. Gershom Fay concerning the People of Northborough’s proceedings in Order to their Re-settlement.

June 15, 1767

1767 June 15 (Monday).  Mr. Gale in the Morning here, and tells me, that the Andrews’s Seem to be disturbed; but he adds he does not know what they can expect more to be done for the woman.  Catechized at the meeting House a. and p.m.  52 Boys, 21 Girls.  At Eve Mr. Andrews here.  Eats with me.  I add the Dates on the Copys of the Church Vote and Report.  I told him I thought he had no Reason to be angry either with me or the Church, because we did more for his wife than many of the Pastors and Churches in the Neighbourhood of Chebacco would do, in admitting her if She had moved into one of the neighbouring Towns there.  He was moderate.  John returned from Ashby.

June 16, 1767

1767 June 16 (Tuesday).  Received of Mr. Nathan Maynard 16£ old Tenor.  On Mr. Cushings Horse I rode over to Harvard Association.  At Mr. Goss’s were Brothers Smith and Stone.  We rode by the way of Dr. Martyns to see him — and the fine Farms at Still River Corner.  After Dinner (at Mr. Wheelers) and having gone through the Association Exercise, we complyed with an Invitation of Mr. Bromfields and spouse (at the Seccomb House) to drink Tea with them.  N.B. Mr. Steward and Mr. Peter Whitney, preacher at Northborough, with us.  I lodged at Mr. Wheelers.  He was valetudinary.

June 17, 1767

1767 June 17 (Wednesday).  Attended the Lecture preached by Mr. Smith on Joh. 3.16.  Mr. Bromfield and Lady with us at Dinner.  In returning stopped at Bolton Lecture.  Mr. Whitney preached on [blank].  This made me so late I was obliged to tarry over night at Northborough and lodged with Mr. Whitney at Mrs. Martyns — but she was at Concord.  N.B. Mr. Kneeland of Boston there.

June 18, 1767

1767 June 18 (Thursday).  Mr. Michael Martyn sent me yesterday a Ream of Paper which he bought for me at Boston, and for it I have paid him 6£ old Tenor.  At my Return, found at my House my Daughters Parkman and Baldwin.  One had been to Watertown, the other at Dr. Balls.  Here were also Masters Cushing and Biglow, who lodged here last Night.  Held a Catechetical Exercise, but by reason of the Rain etc. only four Young Women attended.  Sarah was not well; and Suse at Mr. Morse’s at Shrewsbury, and could not therefore be here.

June 19, 1767

1767 June 19 (Friday).  My Daughters attempted to journey yesterday, but returned by reason of the Rain.  This morning they set out; but my Daughter Baldwin proposes only to Dr. Balls.  Eliza designs to go to Brookfield.  Mr. Daniel Mellen of Holliston here.  When he was here some time agoe, he Shewed me Caleb Winch’s Order for Eight Pounds Lawfull Money.  This Demand of Calebs, I paid accordingly to Rev. Mr. John Mellen of Lancaster, at Boston, at Mr. Gills, Merchant on May 27, in Trust for his Brother Daniel and had his Receipt.  Now Mr. Daniel Mellen delivers me the Order, and endorsed by him: but in his haste he forgets to take his Brother Johns Receipt of me, and leaves his Pocket Book behind.  P.M. Mr. William Goddard here, and takes up a great part of my Time in his Discourse of the many Difficultys he and his Daughter Houghton labour under with Regard to her Husband and the Church of Bolton.  N.B. Joseph Colman of Stafford here — sells Whetstones — when asked about Mr. Fosters Doctrines and about Separates among them answered me, “that his Business was to sell Whetstones,” with which Answer I was well pleased — and bought two of him.

June 21, 1767

1767 June 21 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 59.  Preached on the Divine Attribute of Power.  The Text I used was Ps. 62.11 and although I was long, yet I could not divide the Exercise — and took an old sermon for p.m. (making various Additions and Alterations), viz. on John 17.4.  Read Act. 3.  Mr. Cushing dined with us.

June 23, 1767

1767 June 23 (Tuesday).  A.M. attend the Funeral of Mr. [blank] McAllisters infant Child.  Mr. Peter Whitney, from Northborough came to see me.  Capt. Jonathan Goodenow (to whom I had writ a Letter, by reason of a Complaint against him by Robert Baker of Marlborough sent me per Mr. Smith) came to see me.  They dined here.  P.M. I rode up to the widow Smiths, and at her son Ezekiels Request I preached there, as I had Publickly appointed last Lords Day.  My Text was Isa. 12.1.  N.B. Mr. Timothy Warrin was on the way as I went, and he soon fell upon the Affair of Mrs. Andrews; and not without Bitterness.  May God Sanctifie to Me these Troubles!

June 24, 1767

1767 June 24 (Wednesday).  I have heard so much of Mr. and Mrs. Andrews’s representing my Visit at their House on the 13th instant as being opposed to the Churchs proceedings, and as the Prevention of her Coming to the Communion although it was so remote from it, that I went down to Dr. Hawes, to talk with him about it; and he readily declared, that he saw not nor heard any Thing, of that Nature there.  P.M. I rode to Mr. Solomon Bakers and bought Cheese of him.  Visit Mrs. Lock.  Employ Mr. John Maynard to make shooes.  Visit at Mr. Temples — and thinking my Daughter Baldwin is at Dr. Balls, or to be heard of there, I went there; but she was gone home with her sister Parkman to Brookfield.  Went to Mr. Michael Martyns — where I hear from Suse at Mr. Morse’s.  Return in safety.  Mrs. Rebecca Warrin of Upton, here and lodged here.

June 25, 1767

1767 June 25 (Thursday).  Mr. Holland of Sutton here; wants the Copy of what the 3 Ministers Salter etc. drew up, on their Case.  But for the Reason I gave him, namely that I ought to have one for the service of the Association, he left it Still.  P.M. At Mr. Edwards Whipple’s Raising of an House.  Temple and John there.  N.B. I took occasion to talk a little with Mr. Zebulon Rice for his indiscreet talking, to my Defamation and Injury, to a number of persons together concerning my Visit to Mrs. Andrews.  One that was present, viz. Constantine Hardy, informed me that Mr. Rice represented the matter as if I went down there with Design to forbid, or at least to prevent that womens coming to the Communion and to tell her She must not now go to Chebacco Church any more.  I told Mr. Rice he did very wrong to proceed thus, for if he was affronted with me, he ought to have spoke to me first, and not to Others.  (“Debate thy Cause with thy Neighbour himself.”)

June 26, 1767

1767 June 26 (Friday).  Temple begins to mowe the large Pasture.  Mr. John Forbes of Brookfield brings me Dr. Fordyce sermons to young Women, vol. 1, from my Son Forbes.  Mr. Joseph Arnold and his Wife here.  Robert Nugent, an unfortunate Sea Man, here begging.  Miss Hephzibah Maynard has been here some Days, assisting Sarah in Quilting; towards Evening goes home.  The Drought very sorrowful.  The Lord pity us!  And Prepare us all for what He Shall see meet to inflict!

June 28, 1767

1767 June 28 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 60.  Mr. Goddard preached on Numb. 23.10.  Mr. James Maynards Wife and Daughter Lock, also Miss Lois How of Shrewsbury, dine here.  P.M. Read Act. 4.  Mr. Goddard preached on Isa. 55.6.  Miss Lois How here after Meeting, at Tea.  At Eve Mr. Goddard and Miss Lois go to Capt. Fay’s and lodge there.

June 29, 1767

1767 June 29 (Monday).  They are here a.m. as they return to Shrewsbury.  It is a very melancholly and Sorrowful Time by reason of the Extraordinary Dryness.  The Rays of the Sun Shoot down very intensely, and the Wind, as it seems, contributes to the further drying and parching the Earth.  May God extend His Pity towards us!  Towards Eve I went up to Lt. Bakers who is confined by Lameness.  At Eve a Shower, and in the Night more Rain, through Gods great Goodness.  To Him be Praise and Thanks!

June 30, 1767

1767 June 30 (Tuesday).  I visited old Mr. Morse at Hopkinton again, and dined there.  He asked me to pray with him; but his Temper and Language to his Wife were very unseemly and disagreeable — which occasioned my dealing plainly with him.  It made us all very sorrowful but his Son (Barachias) tells me with Tears, that his Mother is very provoking to him.  I return home by Southborough.  Call at Mr. Stones — Mr. Williams the Sadler and Widow Bents.  Meet Mr. Joseph Chaddock of Brookfield and send by him to Mr. James Parker at Framingham to preach for me next Sabbath, hoping my Self to be at Ashby.  An heavy Rain stopped me at Mr. Haskills and at Dr. Hawes’.  Blessed be God who so abundantly favours us!