October 26, 1766

1766 October 26 (Sunday).  An Assembly met at my Sons House.  We began with Singing.  I preached a.m. on Ps. 85.9 and 12.  P.M. began again with Singing.  Preached on Heb. 12.25.  May God grant Success!  I baptized two Children Ezra and Rebecca: presented by their mother Mrs. Agnes Whitney wife of Mr. Ezra Whitney, who are of Fitchbourg.  The man is gone a great Journey, and the Family about to remove far up into the Woods.  The Woman says they have been wont to enjoy this Privilege: that the late Rev. Mr. Trowbridge gave them a Certificat: that there were Witnesses that Rev. Mr. Winchester baptized a Child of theirs at Ashburnham by vertue of it.  Accordingly Messrs. Christian, William Whiteman and Jacob Schoff (Germans) testifyed it before the Assembly.  I made proclamation of it and repeatedly asked whether there was any Objection?  There being none offered, I again asked whether there was any Objection against the Conduct of the woman?  But there was none.  I then Demanded of her, Whether She would promise to bring up the Children in the Way of true Religion etc.?  To which She replyed affirmatively.  After which I proceeded and baptized them.  N.B. Old Mr. Fitch din’d with us at my Son’s.  Mr. Steward preached for me a. and p.m., a.m. [blank].