October 17, 1766

1766 October 17 (Friday).  Mr. Adams left us in the forenoon.  Mr. Sumner, his wife, and Miss Bridget came — and dined here.  Mr. Sumner preached my Lecture on Joh. 8.36, “If the son shall make you free etc.”  We had a Church Meeting after Lecture as appointed on the 5th but Mrs. Andrews not being there, on whose Account we met, we adjourned to the first Thursday in November — and Brother Gale was desired to notifie her.  Though we did not proceed to the Business of the Day, I took the Opportunity to Open several Things to the Church, the want of the Knowledge of which, may have made many persons fall into great mistakes about this Controversie.  I took this Opportunity to rebuke all such as listened to a Slanderous Suggestion, that the Reason why the ministers were so much against Mr. Cleaveland was, they could not bear to See that he so much out-shined them, and People esteemed him so much higher than them.  A great deal of Company here after Lecture of different Sorts.  A Number at Tea etc.  Mr. Ezekiel Smith and his wife with their Relations.  Mr. Cushing and Mr. Willard at Tea and tarried to supper.