October 18, 1766

1766 October 18 (Saturday).  Mr. John Wood here.  Says Capt. Brigham had a great deal of Dispute at their House last night upon the Andrews Affair.  Messrs. Smith of Marlborough and Williams of Sandwich Came (unhappily for my studys) to See me to Day, and dined and tarryed till near Night.  After them came Breck and Mr. John Lock from Townshend.  After them came Mr. Robert Blake of Wrentham with a Letter from the agrieved Brethren of the 2d Church, to have me etc. attend a Council there on the 29th — but I was obliged to deny him, having engaged to go to Townshend and to be there about that Time.  I returned him his Letter again.  Caleb nigh Evening goes to Shrewsbury to see his sister.