October 5, 1766

1766 October 5 (Sunday).  Read a.m. Isa. 38.  Preached a third time on Isa. 54.13.  Mr. Onthank of Southborough (Mr. Stone being gone to the Cape) and Miss Betty Gott, dined with us.  Read p.m. John 8 to v. 30.  And by reason of the many Engagements and avocations of last week, was obliged to repeat the Expository Exercise on Mat. and 44.  Propounded Francis Whipple junior and Ezekiel Smith and his Wife.  Stopped the Brethren and read the Letter from Mrs. Andrews dated Oct. 2 and appointed a Church Meeting for that and some other Things which may then be mentioned to them to be, God willing, on next Friday come sen’night.