July 30, 1765

1765 July 30 (Tuesday).  I payd Ensign Rice 4 Dollars for his Hay.  Mr. Fessenden is returned from Cape Ann.  I saw him at Capt. Maynards.  He said he would come here, but he went to Mr. Marytns.  At Eve Jonathan Cook came to me with a Sorrowful Message from Capt. Maynard that his youngest Child was drowned and dead and prayed me to go over.  I went hastily.  Found the Child laid out as a Corps.  It was little Robert-Breck Maynard in his 16th Month — fell into a Kittle of Wort (not hot) about 4 o’Clock p.m., no one in the room; Hope, the Negro Girl, who had the Care of him, was gone to get Apples: when She came back, She pulled him out — but he expired.  May God Sanctifie His holy Hand!  I prayed, Counselled them all; supped and then returned.