July 16, 1765

1765 July 16 (Tuesday).  Sent by Mr. Batherick, to Mrs. P________.  Paid Mr. Hyslop for a Ream of paper — 5£ 5/.  For Montesquieu on the Spirit of Laws, and for a Bible.  Paid Mr. Condy 37/6 for 5 magazines.  Visit Mrs. Surcomb who had a fit in the meeting House lately.  Discoursed with Mr. Jonathan Parsons about my Cleveland Affair.  Dined at Procters.  Coll. Lydius at Mr. Quincy’s; where I visited him.  Visit Cousen Nathaniel.  At my Brother P________’s etc.  Received from Nat. Procter Scudder, which he has bound for me.  Paid him in full, 18/ old Tenor.  Lodged at Brother Samuels.