July 25, 1765

1765 July 25 (Thursday).  In the Morning came old Mr. Dunlop, Mr. Zebulun Rice, Lt. Baker and two Hands with him (a man and a Boy), Mr. Thomas Twitchell, and his son, together with Silas Hill, with their Sickles and reap’d down my Field of Rye.  Mr. Ballantine and son leave us.  Billy and Breck set out for Townshend: and have my Mare to carry their Luggage.  Ensign Josiah Rice here to inform me that I may have a Load of English Hay of him.  Nathan Kenny (at my Request) comes to help John Rake in the Meadows.  P.M. Jonas likewise here and get in a Load of Hay for me.  At Eve I was at Neighbour Pratts for some Help, having no Body to get in my Hay.  Hear per Mr. John Green that Capt. Buckminster of Brookfield is dead.