August 1, 1765

1765 August 1 (Thursday).  Capt. Maynard burys his Child, Robert-Breck.  My Wife and I had Mr. Nurse’s Chair and Horse.  I prayed at the Funeral — John a Bearer.  Mr. Hall of Sutton dined with us.  God is very gracious in sending a refreshing shower, when the Earth was become very dry.  Miss Betty and Katy Bucknam and lodged here.

August 6, 1765

1765 August 6 (Tuesday).  I rode up to Mr. Joseph Miles’s to attend a Fast there on account of his low Condition and yet he appears to be somewhat better, especially as to his Mind.  I opened the Solemnity with Prayer.  Mr. Davis of Holden preached a very Suitable sermon from Job 23.3.  O that I know etc.  Mr. Hutchinson prayed p.m. and Mr. Fish preached from Act. 4.12.  Shewing fervently that our Dependence must be only on Christ and not upon any Thing of our own, for Acceptance with God.  After the Exercises Several of us had Discourse with Mr. Miles.  Mr. Sumner and his Wife were there, Madam Cushing etc., a large Assembly.  May God accept our Offerings!  Mr. Frost of Mill-River was expected, but did not come.  I returned at Evening.

August 12, 1765

1765 August 12 (Monday).  Mr. Hawley pursues his great Journey to Onohoquage, designing to take with him young Mr. Moseley of Oanda, as a missionary to them.  Billy leaves us to go to Townshend and John goes with him to Lancaster to bring back my Horse.  Thomas Arnold here and thrashes Rye.  Plows also in the West Field.  Mrs. Salder leaves us and goes to Mr. Z. Rice’s.  Wrote to Capt. Adams of Lincoln and Sent it by Mr. Joseph Willard of Grafton.

August 14, 1765

1765 August 14 (Wednesday).  I rode over to Mr. Martyns Lecture.  Dined there.  Mr. Harrington preached on Rom. 10.4.  N.B. his Wife there, as were Mr. Morse and his Wife, and Daughter — and Dr. Rice.  I delivered to Mr. Harrington his volumes of Montesquieus Spirit of Laws: and borrowed Turnbull.  My Daughter Baldwin rode with me as far as Capt. Maynards, where I took her at Eve and brought her home.  Thomas trashes Oates and winnows.

August 15, 1765

1765 August 15 (Thursday).  Thomas works for me still.  I rode to Mr. Isaac Johnsons of Southborough.  Carryed Suse.  Deacon Tainter accompanyed.  There I preached to Miss Ruth Thomas, Mr. Johnsons Sister, who has been Bedrid for a great While.  My Text was Cant. 8.5, former part.  My Daughter goes to Mr. Stones to tarry over Night.  Deacon and I return home.  N.B. Madam Thatcher was there also.

August 20, 1765

1765 August 20 (Tuesday).  Thomas Still carts Posts and Rails from the Ministerial Lot.  I rode over to Capt. Maynard and told him I must either have 50£ of money for Billy, to be carryed by Joseph Warrin to him tomorrow morning, or else I must be obliged to send him my Oxen.  Mr. Fessenden and I rode to Ministers Meeting at Southborough.  See Minutes of the Association.  Mr. Martyn absent.  He is gone to Littleton and Concord, with his Wife.  Mr. Barrett came.  Old Mrs. Thatcher is at Mr. Stone’s.  Every Conversation is filled with the late Riotous proceedings in Boston — hanging Mr. A.O. in Effigy: destroying the Stamp Office — and much dammaging the House, Gardens and Furniture of Mr. Secritary Oliver etc. etc.  I lodged at Mr. Stones.

August 21, 1765

1765 August 21 (Wednesday).  Lecture by Mr. Wheeler on Joh. 4.20.  After Dinner Mr. Fessenden returned with me and drank Tea with us.  Then he proceeded to Mr. Martyns.  I have word that Capt. Maynard pays 50£ for Billy — therefore my Cattle are preserved and Thomas goes with them and my Mare to Thad. Fay’s and brings me 300 of Bricks.  My son Baldwin here last night and lodges here again.

August 25, 1765

1765 August 25 (Sunday).  Because my Exercises were to be grounded on only one v. each of them therefore I did not read in Course but I read, a.m. Ps. 45, which was Similar to our Chapter.  I preached on Song 8.13.  Master Cushing dined here, as did Samuel Brigham.  P.M. I read Luk. 5 and preached on Song 14.  At Eve read Mr. Bolton Sect. 3, part 1, Ch. 4 and 5.

August 26, 1765

1765 August 26 (Monday).  Received a Letter from Mr. John Moffatt of Boston, per Mr. Moses Harrington of Grafton, dated the 24th and informing (among other Things) that the uneasiness among the people in Boston increases; owing to some Discoverys made which Seem to prove who they are that have misrepresented the Country — but time will soon proclaim, says he, what is but just talked of this Day.  Mr. Harrington says it is apprehended that there will be a stir to night, and that they will go to the Gov____r’s, Lt. Governors, Mr. Storys and Capt. Hallowells.  P.M. Visit and pray with Mrs. Wheelock.  Thomas and John mow Bushes.  Some time before night My Daughter Forbes and Miss Hannah came from Brookfield and drank Tea here.

August 28, 1765

1765 August 28 (Wednesday).  Mr. Wheelock brings me a Letter of Yesterday from Samuel in which he informs me of another Tumult in Boston Monday night — that they who formed the mob, first invaded Mr. William Storys House in King street, proceeded to Benjamin Hallowell Esq. and thence went down in Quest of Richardson, who lives in Brother Parkmans, but not finding him at home, went to his Honours Lt. Governor Hutchinsons where they made sad Havock and Seized on his Money.  From thence to Mr. Paxtons, but he was not at home.  The House was redeemed by the owner, Mr. Waterhouse [Marginal notation: It was Mr. Palmers and not Waterhouse’s.]  A melancholly Occurrence!  Much to be deplored!  Thomas still at work — Clearing etc. at the Island.

August 29, 1765

1765 August 29 (Thursday).  Thomas at the like work at the Island.  Mrs. Gale pays me 41£ old Tenor.  Catechetical Exercise.  26 Young Women.  Began at Question 59.  I delivered part of my Expositions on Exod. 20.8 to 11, from p. 15 to 31.  After the Exercise Mr. Bowman of Oxford and his Wife, and Master Cushing here, at Tea etc.  Lend him several Books to read — Mr. Samuel Chandlers Vindication of the Christian Religion and London Magazine for 1732.

August 30, 1765

1765 August 30 (Friday).  My Mind had been in great Agitation about the present Times; and peculiarly as the Case is in the Capital, Boston: I pity heartily the Condition of his Honour and especially if he is innocent, as I hope he is.  The Lord Himself direct His People and help us suitably to humble our Selves under this very awful Dispensation!  Deacon Tainter here in the Evening lamenting etc.

August 31, 1765

1765 August 31 (Saturday).  Thomas and John both yesterday and to Day mowing Bushes.  Mr. Millen of Chauxit dined with us.  He is in his Return home, from Boston.  He Confirms the Melancholly Accounts of Monday Nights Work at Mr. Hutchinsons: He was on the Spot — an Eye Witness.  P.M. Lucy and Suse in Capt. Woods Chair, ride to Dr. Balls.  At Eve Mr. Morse brought me a Letter from Mr. Quincy informing me in many particulars which before I could not come at, concerning the late outrages at his Honour’s.  He incloses also Drapers Paper, of Thursday last.  I am prone to think that Nothing in New England of this kind, has equalled this Occurrence.