June 25, 1765

1765 June 25 (Tuesday).  Mr. Millen presents me with his sermon on Sebastian Smith.  Dined at Mr. Morse’s — where was Mr. Rice.  I transcribed the Minutes of the Meeting and delivered them to him for Deacon Miller.  N.B. Mr. Rice is the sixth Candidate the Church in Westminster have given a Call to, since the Dismission of Mr. Marsh.  Messrs. Dix, [T.?] Frink, P. T. Smith, Samuel Cotton, Wythe, before him.  Returned home.  May God be praised who has preserved and succeeded me!  And that my Family is in Peace!  Miss Sally Putnam has been here some Time making stays.  My Daughter Baldwin, better.  Thomas Arnold is ill and does not come this Week.  N.B. Hear that Mr. Abraham Beemans House was broke open last Sabbath.