June 19, 1765

1765 June 19 (Wednesday).  Mr. Fessenden dined here.  P.M. He and I went over to Capt. Maynards.  While I was there Mr. Josh. Biglow from Westminster came with a Request from the Church there, that I would go there to be moderator of a Meeting for the Choice of a Minister, next Monday 3 p.m. and he delivered me a Letter from Mr. Asaph Rice, Candidate, to come; and with his own Desire, that I would change with him next Lords Day.  Having weighed these, I consented (with Submission to Providence).  Mr. Fessenden returns with me and lodges here.  Thomas Arnold with Capt. Woods oxen p.m. fetches 3 Load of the Soaked Ashes from the Potash works.