May 31, 1765

1765 May 31 (Friday).  We Broke fast at the Alms House — and were going to Mr. Holbrooks (where my Mare was kept) to mount, when Mr. Surcomb came, and engaged us to return to his House.  We were obliged (irresistably) to go — but it was not to our Loss.  He and his Wife loaded us with presents — Tea, Bread, Wine, Cane Spirits, Bear — to carry home with us.  May God reward such Kindness and Bounty!  N.B. At Mr. Holbrooks Saw and conversed with Mr. James Chandler of Rowley, who tells me he is Dissatisfyed with Mr. Cleaveland and cant hold Communion with him.  N.B. I have received of Brother Samuel a Black Coat, which he setts at only 10£ old Tenor and we take up 10£ more in his Shop — so that he gives me a Note of only 30£ old Tenor — this upon Demand.  We take Leave of all, and go to Cambridge — to get my Copy of Father Brecks Will Examined and attested — which was done by Mr. Boardman and paid for.  Visit Brother Champney — and Sisters — but we dined at Capt. Marrett’s; where dwells my Sister Swain.  I have borrowed the 2d Volume of Dr. Doddridge’s Expositor of Mrs. Winter.  P.M. forward our Journey.  Call at Mr. Storers.  Reach to Mr. Browns at Framingham and lodge there.