April 4, 1765

1765 April 4 (Thursday).  Billy hewing — Breck a.m.  P.M. John with Breck cart Timber from Mr. Beetons, and they bring all from thence.  N.B. Mrs. P________ rode with me to Mr. Tainters, where we dine; and there left her, for Mr. Tainter to wait on home at Eve.  I proceeded to visit Ensign Miller and prayed with him.  Then visit at Mr. Bowmans, I. Pratts, Twitchells, Dunlops, Joseph Morse’s, John Balls, [Mark?] Pratts, Deacon Forb. and Kendals, Mr. Kendals being very poor and low.  Prayed with him.  Called at Deacon Bonds and hastened home to meet Mr. Fessenden — but he came not.

April 6, 1765

1765 April 6 (Saturday).  My Subject requires Attention, but have unavoidable Avocations.  Billy otherwise employed.  Breck worked at the Timber part of the Day.  Deacon Tainter brought from Boston Magazines for Sept., Oct., Nov. and brings a Vine, a Mulberry Tree, Gooseberry Bushes etc. from Mr. Holbrook, with a Letter.  Letters also from Brother Parkman, Samuel and from Dr. Robie with Scudders daily Walk.

April 7, 1765

1765 April 7 (Sunday).  I cannot dispatch any more in my preparations on the Subject of Scandals, than may Suffice for the forenoon Exercise.  Read Eccl. 7 and preached on Mat. 18.7.  P.M. read Mark 9 and with new and proper Introduction, Additions, and Alterations formed an Exercise from Sermon on Col. 3.3, latter part, p. 19 to p. 25, from Ps. 83.3.  And the God of infinite Goodness Pardon my Deficiencys and give His Blessing for Christ’s sake!  At our Evening Exercise, instead of Repetition read Mr. Bolton, because I must return that Excellent Book before I can read it out.  N.B. Mr. John Pratt dined here, who brings word from Brookfield that my Daughter Parkman was lately delivered of another son.  Which may God almighty Bless!  Mrs. Dunlop and Mrs. Kelly dined here also.

April 11, 1765

1765 April 11 (Thursday).  This morning we perceived Mr. Haskills (Black smith) Shop was burnt down.  It broke out about an Hour before Day.  The Lord Sanctify it to them.  I visited poor Mr. Kendal who wastes more and more; as does Brother Forbes.  Prayed with them.  P.M. Catechized young women and delivered an Exercise on the 2d Commandment repeating for the most part from Hints which I had prepared and delivered in public, some years ago.  N.B. 28 Young Women.  We began at Question 51.  And must begin next time at Question 55. After Catechizing I rode down to Mr. Haskills to Sympathize.  Deacon Tainter was with me.  But Mr. Haskill was not at home.  He was in the woods and People were generously getting Timber for him.  Which I greatly rejoice in.  Billy returns from Boston, and perhaps from some other where.  John and Levi Rice bring Slit work and Boards from Forbe’s [sic] Mill.

April 12, 1765

1765 April 12 (Friday).  Mr. Caleb Hitchcock of the Union, here, and o’ foot.  Wants a Cast upon my Horse part of his Way.  I complyed and let him have my mare as far as William Wards.  John went afterwards o’ foot to bring her back — but goes to Marlborough and brings home some Leggs of Bacon from Deacon Woods.  Billy and Breck begin to Frame a Corn Barn for me.  Dr. Bondels’ here.  I get him to trim my Grape Vine.  He dines here.  Little B. Gott Maynard came at Eve and stays over Night.  Sorrowful Account of the drowning of 4 men in Sudbury River.

April 15, 1765

1765 April 15 (Monday).  Billy and Breck leave us to go to Townshend.  They Expect John Maynard setts out from his Fathers with a Waggon to Carry (what was moved from here last Saturday) Beef, Pork and many other stores — and Joseph Warrin (son of Mr. Timothy) hired by Billy goes with them.  I visit at Neighbour Locks and behold he is gone away for Penobscot.  Visit old Mrs. Woods and at Neighbour John Woods, whose Child is ill.  N.B. Mr. Gale informs me of Suspicions etc.  Messrs. Barns and Batherick with his son Solomon Digg Stones towards Nurse’s.  P.M. Mr. Fisk to ask me to preach his Lecture next Week, to which I Consent.  Mr. Gale at Evening Pays me £18.10 in Cash and £8.10 in Two Notes from Messrs. John Woods and Eli Whitney.  In all 27£ old Tenor.

April 18, 1765

1765 April 18 (Thursday).  Publick Fast.  Preached a. and p.m. on Ps. 65.5.11.  Had a Contribution for Deacon Charles Woods of [blank] whose House was burnt on [blank].  At my Wife’s motion we omitted having a Sett Meal immediately after the last Meeting but had our Supper as usual Except that lesser Children had something given them.  I would avoid Superstition but Should be glad to reform what ever has been amiss.  The Lord accept our Offerings!

April 19, 1765

1765 April 19 (Friday).  At Mr. Nurse’s in the Morning to get him to plow for me:  and he consents.  Sends Nathan with steer and Horse.  Deacon Tainter comes and we count the money of the Contribution — £30.2.0 old Tenor.  P.M. I visit — at Mr. Moses Brigham, Phinehas Hardys, Moses Warrins, Elijah Rice’s, Constantine Hardys, Ensign Millers, Mr. Kendals.

April 20, 1765

1765 April 20 (Saturday).  Mr. Beeton and his Wife came here to Sign a Deed to me of the Acre of Land by me.  We measure it and for the Sake of Witnesses we go over to Mr. Nurse’s and they Sign there.  Nathan Kenny and Abigail Williams are the Witnesses.  P.M. Mr. Nurse plows at my Cook Island.  I rode to Shrewsbury.  Called to See Mr. Joseph Miles and Deacon Miles’s Wife.  Pray with this last.  Lodged at Mr. Sumners.

April 21, 1765

1765 April 21 (Sunday).  Mr. Sumner goes to Mr. Martyns — Mr. Martyn to preach for me.  I preached for Mr. Sumner on Acts 16.29.30.  And O that God would grant Success, both to my own Soul and the People who hear me!  At Eve Mr. Sumner returns.  Sir Goddard (Mr. Edwards son Edward) acquaints Mr. Sumner of his Exercise of Mind, and particularly by to Days Sermons — but says nothing to me; though he came to me for that purpose; and walked with us to visit Mrs. Cushing.  I lodged at Mr. Sumners again.

April 22, 1765

1765 April 22 (Monday).  Sir Goddard again with me.  Opens his Mind to Me in Some Measure.  I called at Capt. Allens.  Receive of him divers small Trees and Bushes.  Visit old Mrs. Garfield, who languishes.  Mr. Joshua Townshend and his Wife there to See their Aunt.  Prayed there.  Visit Mr. Samuel Fay who is greatly reduced.  Find my Family in Peace.  James (son of Mr. Richard) Kelly is come to work for me.  My wife visits Mrs. Haws.  My Son Baldwin and Rev. Fish from Brookfield here: and lodge with us.

April 23, 1765

1765 April 23 (Tuesday).  Our Company leave us for Boston.  Mrs. Maynard comes here to go with me to Marlborough.  It was our Ministers Meeting.  N.B. Mr. Frink was there, and an uncomfortable Clash between him and Mr. Goss on occasion of Mr. Carpenter of Keen.  At Widow Hows paid Interest in full of my old Note and gave a New one.  Returned home.  Mrs. Maynard with me most of the way.  Miss Sally Putnam works here.

April 25, 1765

1765 April 25 (Thursday).  Mr. Fish came to preach my Lecture.  Dined here.  His Text was Luk. 3.16, latter part.  May God Succeed our united Labors to promote the Everlasting Salvation of Men!  Mr. Fish Soon returned after Meeting because of the Family.  Thomas Arnold here: I agree with him to live with me for Six Months, every other Week and to give him 5£ lawful.  Mr. John Forbes’s Wife here to be examined and keeps me engaged, to my great sorrow, till night.  And then comes Mr. John Wood with News Papers etc.

April 29, 1765

1765 April 29 (Monday).  Thomas Arnold came to work for me half his Time.  We have Mr. Nurse’s Horse and steers to draw stones for the Orchard Wall next the Road.  I visited [blank] Haven, who is exercised with epileptic Fitts.  P.M. Jacob Rice[1] of H. College here, and invites to his Commencement.  Old Mrs. Baker and her Daughter in law, make us a Visit.  Thomas Bond at Eve delivers me 17/6 from the Society of young Men, who meet at the Sabbath House; For the Trouble we have been at, this last Quarter of a Year.

[1]Jacob Rice (1740-1824; Harvard 1765), SHG 16:208-10.

April 30, 1765

1765 April 30 (Tuesday).  Mr. Nurse’s Team again.  Thomas and John plow in the Orchard and Mr. Samuel Fay being here, he sows a Bushel of Barley for me, there.  He is in great Trouble and Perplexity.  Dines with us.  Dismiss Mr. Nurse’s Oxen and use his Horse only.  Thomas plows in Barley and Oates in the Orchard.  P.M. my Wife to Mr. Phinehas Maynards.  When she returns came Mrs. Rice of Sutton who dined here the Day before yesterday, visits us.  N.B. John Foster comes to work on the Lock place.