May 21, 1765

1765 May 21 (Tuesday).  At Boston put up at Mr. Holbrooks, who had good Convenience for Horse and Chair.  Went to Major Marshalls to get a Coat — but did not determine, his newly arrived Goods not opened.  We dined at Brother Samuels, Mr. Hutchinson of Grafton with us.  N.B. My Brother induces both Mr. Hutchinson and me to Suspend our buying New Coats — by reason of the Cheapness of black Coats at Vendues; and offers me one of his own at a low rate.  P.M. I went to Major Marshalls and told him I Should wave the Matter for the present: and So put by having a Coat of him.  McAlpine binds a few of Mr. Edwards’s Pieces for me.  At Evening Mr. Holbrook carrys me to a Singing Meeting at Mr. Thompsons, in Seven starr lane.  Return with Mr. Holbrook in his Chaise and lodge there.  Mrs. P________ lodges, I suppose, at the North End.