May 30, 1765

1765 May 30 (Thursday).  Early in the Morning, according to appointment, Meet Mr. Stone, who goes with me to Capt. Smith’s — Haberdasher — where I bought a second hand Bever Hat, for 4£ old Tenor.  Thence we walked into the Common, and to Mr. Holbrooks.  Attended the Convention.  Dr. Chauncy preached, on Act. 8.5.  In the midst of the sermon, a Cry of Fire.  The Collection was 225£ old Tenor — and Some odd Money.  Although I had engaged to Mr. Mather, yet by reason of writing for the Convention, I was forced to dine at Dr. Sewalls.  Messrs. Loring, Stephen Williams, Stone etc. and Mr. Justice Quincy with us.  P.M. have so many Things to attend upon in preparing for my Journey home, that I desired to be excused from attending any further at the Convention.  N.B. People are flocking to the Free-Mason Hall to hear Mr. Sandeman, who preaches there.  Was at Mr. Surcombs, but both he and his Wife gone to Mr. Stillmans Lecture.  Mr. Maccarty urges me to go to his uncle Newman Greenoughs, where I Supped.  N.B. My son Samuel is returned from Westborough and tells me Billy has been at Home.  We lodged again at Brother P________’s.  N.B. He has delivered me 20£ old Tenor in part of Rent for Mother’s House.