September 30, 1764

1764 September 30 (Sunday).  Read Prov. 21 and preached on Rom. 7.7, repeating another Sermon on the 10th Commandment.  For I was interrupted by Company Every Day of the week, so that I could not prepare for both parts of the Day.  But p.m. having read Mat. 26 from v. 36 to the End, I preached on Mat. 16.21.  Master Cushing and Mr. Fessendens Mother dined here.  N.B. I read Mr. Benjamin Mixer’s Petition for a Contribution for Joseph Joslin — and left to the Consideration of the whole Congregation but up to the Deacons and the Committee.  Read a Letter from the East Church in Yarmouth to desire our Assistance in the Ordination of Mr. Nathan Stone junior.  N.B. See my young Oxen from Brookfield this morning but know not who brought ‘em home.