September 17, 1764

1764 September 17 (Monday).  Visit Mrs. Hardy (Phinehas’s Wife) who is languishing.  Pray with her.  She has much Hope concerning her spiritual State.  I dined there.  Then visit Mrs. Grout (Josephs wife) who is also in a Weak state.  I proceeded to Mr. Daniel Nurse’s, Mr. N. Ball’s, and to the widow Smith’s.  At the last House (by Mr. Balls forwarding it), I prayed after we had sung part of a Psalm.  Returned at Eve.  N.B. my Wife had visited at Bruce’s and She had many Things to Say of the Great Clash which Mrs. Maynard and Mrs. Bruce had this afternoon upon Beeton’s Account.  And Billy comes over with an Errand from Beeton to desire me to do something though I can’t tell what, to perswade Bruce.  The Lord pity ‘em under their miserable Circumstances and Temptations!