December 22, 1760

1760 December 22 (Monday).  My Wife has had a poor Night — but is up, though full of distressing Pain this morning.  May God prepare us for His holy and Sovereign Will!  N.B. This Day was a Precinct Meeting, at which by the Warrant they were to hear what I had to lay before them and act upon it.  While I was preparing for it, Mr. Stone came to See me, and dined with me.  Desires me to assist him in a Fast on next Wednesday, occasioned by the Small Pox among them.  He also desires me to read over his Sermons which he is going to publish; and leaves ‘em with me for that End.  When the Precinct were met they Sent Mr. Daniel Forb. to me to See what I had to lay before them or would go to them my Self.  I went my Self.  Capt. Wood was Moderator.  I read what I had prepared, and Spoke also somewhat further, by word of Mouth.  The main thing designed was to remove the misunderstanding about my Sallery, inasmuch as although the Precinct had reckoned it, but £29.6.8 L.M. I conceived it was £55 L.M.  And what I offered besides the Paper, which I left with them was “that I did not come to make any Complaint to them — that I was not (as I hoped) the uneasy man that I had been represented by some — as if I would be contented with Nothing they could do — (or do what they would) that my Principal aim with them now was what was contained in the Paper — That I had a gratefull mind for what they had done for me.  Had No Demands to make upon them — that if they would come to a Vote that 55£ was my Sallery taking into Consideration what that would then buy or pay for, of the Necessarys of Life, or of Labour I would give them a Receipt in full to last June.  That if there was reason to move to them for the further additions in proportion to what they had done when they first gave me 500£ old Tenor or my wood — yet neither of these were so directly my purpose at this Time.  But as they could not but see what I stood in Need of, I Should at present, leave those Things to them, hoping they would reallize that, as I was in their service, if I was burdened and perplexed their work must go on heavily, and their best interests must suffer Damage: but if I was relieved and assisted, I could go on chearfully, and if I was faithfull (which I earnestly desired to be, and requested their Prayers that I might be) the advantage would be theirs.  Thus their Comforts would be [mine?], and mine would be theirs.”  Having delivered my self to this purpose, I retired.  In the Evening the Committee of the Precinct were here to acquaint me with what was done.  Which was that they had voted to account my Sallery to be 55£ Lawfull Money, from June next, if I would give a Receipt in full to June last.  This I did and wrote it in their Book; the Committee having first given me an Order to the Treasurer for what was yet behind of Deficiency etc.  Thus this grievous Burden that had greatly oppressed me, was taken off, although it leaves me still far less provided for than my Circumstances call for.  But I desire humbly to committ my self and mine to the Providence of God who will Care for me.