November 2, 1760

1760 November 2 (Sunday).  Read Job 39, 2 Cor. 4.  Preached on Song 6 ult.  Administered the Lords Supper.  Mrs. Dolly Rice dined here.  P.M. Text Rev. 1.18.  N.B. Used all I prepared in the forenoon, though as many pages as ordinarily might serve for two Exercises; but it could not be divided.  But Chiefly, I had many Services last week, and relyed upon Mr. Fessenden to preach, but by his illness was unable to.  The Lord accept of my (as I hope) Sincere Endeavors!

November 4, 1760

1760 November 4 (Tuesday).  Mr. Daniel Forbush underpining a.m.  N.B. I visit Mr. Nathan Maynards Child which is sick.  P.M. preach at Mrs. Grouts on 2 Cor. 4.16 to p. 15.  Was obliged to borrow an Horse at Capt. Woods.  Returned with him:  N.B. his wife having been confined some time, and chid me smartly for not visiting her, I tarried a little while the forepart of the Evening.

November 5, 1760

1760 November 5 (Wednesday).  Walked to Deacon Tainters.  Breakfast there.  N.B. A famous Training at Capt. Stephen Sadlers at Upton.  N.B. Young Mrs. Tainter shews me a Dream which so impressed her that She had writ it out: and wanted my Judgment of it.  I visited Abner Warrin.  When I returned home, received a 2d Letter from Mr. Hutchinson.  P.M. Persis Rice comes from Abner Warrins, to assist my wife in making a Plad Gown out of one I had left off.  At Night Daniel Forb. junior depending on it that I had seen Abner Whipple whom he had got to Come from Marlborough to testifie in the behalf of Said Daniel and against Jonathan How but though Abner had been here yet I had not seen him, for I was from Home.

November 6, 1760

1760 November 6 (Thursday).  Cousen Maynard dined here with us.  P.M. Mr. Ol. Carter from Leominster.  He has agreed with Mr. Fessenden for 3 Days preaching; and wants me to go one of them to administer the Sacrament but I refuse.  Dr. Wilson of Hopkinton visits me.  But I was forced to leave him to go to the Catechetical Exercise to Young Women.  30 attended.  Preached to them from Rom. 5.12, from page 9th to p. 16.  N.B. Rhoda, Sarah and Hezekiah, Children of Ensign Jeduthun Fay, came here after Catechizing and want to be baptized.  I kindly treated, and instructed them.  N.B. Moses Wheelock comes to the shop.

November 8, 1760

1760 November 8 (Saturday).  This Day completes the 36th Year of Gods Patience with this Church; and with Me, Since my Ordination, To which I was this Day too inadvertent, even until Evening — though some Time ago I thought of it, and marked it in my Almanack that I might the better remember it.  But now at Evening I desire to be deeply humbled and take Shame to myself for my great Negligence and unprofitableness — which O that God would in His infinite Mercy Pardon and forgive through the Blood of Jesus Christ!  And O that I might be quickened and Sanctifyed by His good Spirit of Grace, and made useful and Serviceable while I remain — and finally, Save my own Soul and them that hear me!  N.B. Mr. Joseph Bowman here.  Carrys two Deeds of Mr. Lulls (viz. of Mr. Jonathan Parks to Lull) to Cambridge to be recorded.

November 9, 1760

1760 November 9 (Sunday).  The Day was very uncomfortable, rainy and stormy, yet to gratifie Mr. Martyn I rode over to the North End.  Stopped at Young Mr. Martyns and accepted of their Invitation to breakfast with them though I had taken something at Home.  I preached a. and p.m. on Mat. 16.24.  Took young Mr. Martyn to Dinner with me at his Fathers.  His Father, Mother and Brother (Richard) being all gone to Cambridge.  After exercises was well refreshed at his House again.  I returned home at Evening.  Mr. Fessenden had preached for me.  A.M. on [blank], p.m. on Mat. 5.4.  He lodges here.

November 10, 1760

1760 November 10 (Monday).  I was greatly oppressed with my heavy and many Burdens and Cares.  Sometimes almost overwhelmed.  From the abundance of my Heart, my Mouth overflowed at Table, when at Dinner.  May God be Pleased to forgive what was displeasing to Him and help me by His almighty Grace!  P.M. Mr. Silas Warrin of Grafton brings me 52 pounds of Cheese, for which I am to give him 2/6 old tenor per pound.  I finished Mr. Clarks Vindication of Summer Morning Conversation.  N.B. Alexander thrashes Rye with Mr. Parker at the old Barn.

November 11, 1760

1760 November 11 (Tuesday).  So he does to Day.  Breck thrashes at home both Yesterday and to Day.  I Sent for Deacon Tainters old Stallion, upon his Offer to ride him and use him for his keeping.  I rode up to Mr. Phinehas Hardys and dined there, in my way to Mr. Elijah Rice’s, whose wife I visit in her very low Condition; but expresses her self as a good Christian, with a good Hope through Grace, and gives her Testimony to Religion.  I prayed with her, and took Solemn Leave of her.  Visit at Moses Warrins, Samuel Hardys and old Mr. Samuel Fays.  At Eve Mr. Daniel Forb. points part of the Underpinning in my Cellar.  Mr. Benjamin Tainter one Load of Wood to Day.  N.B. I have heard of the great unkindness and Injustice (as I conceive) of a certain Neighbour of mine, in trying to Discourage Mr. William Torrey in buying my old Place, by greatly disparaging it.  This was my principal Parishioner.  May God convince him, and forgive him!

November 12, 1760

1760 November 12 (Wednesday).  Wrote to my Brother Parkman of the Disaster of the Looking-Glass and to desire him to send me another Barrell of Flower.  Sorrowful Tidings of the Death of Miss Nabby Winter!  May God Sanctify it to the Distressed Parents, and to my dear Sarah, who is much wounded by this grievous Stroke!  Mr. Forb. from Brookfield with his Neece Hannah.  They, and her sister Rebecca, dine with us.  P.M. he visits his own Father.  N.B. Breck helps Mr. Parker Winnow.  I receive 8 Bushell of Rye (Spring Rye) for my part.  Alexander winnows at home.

November 13, 1760

1760 November 13 (Thursday).  Mr. Forb. comes from his Fathers, and goes his Journey to Cambridge and Boston — carrys his neece with him.  Went over to t’other House, and Mr. Parker and I divided the Hay in the Bays.  I went to Mr. Seth Rice’s to See his aged Mother.  Considering her long Confinement and great Infirmitys, I talked with her about a Sermon to her.  She was glad to hear it and did much Desire it.  I proposed it to Mr. Rice, but (poor man!) his answer was that he Should not concurr in it.  However, he said he would not oppose it.  Therefore his Mother, his Wife and I agreed to have an Exercise there, if providence permitt.  I visited at Mr. Phinehas Maynard’s and at Mr. Adonijah Rice’s.  The Man not at home.  The woman exceeding full of Complaints — especially of her Poverty.  She Read me a Paper of her writing one Lords Day.  When I came home heard the News of Mr. Cooks, of Sudbury, Death.  Alas!  How frequently these Breaches occurr!  May I take the Solemn Warning and Stand ready!

November 17, 1760

1760 November 17 (Monday).  Had many Thoughts of going to Sudbury, to Mr. Cooks Funeral, but It is far down upon the Road to Boston, whither I ought to go if I had Money — but am not furnished; neither have I any Horse.  There are many Ministers nigher (I Suppose 15).  I am not sent for, So that it can’t be a Disappointment nor is there need of Me.  However, it proves too difficult Weather, Snow storm, for me to turn out and therefore I must discharge what Duty I can at Home.  Roger Bruce here at Daniel Forb.’s Desire to give me Opportunity to discourse with him about the Affair of Jonathan How, who, as they affirm had Spread an Evil Report of the Said Forbushs Wife, when She was Persis Crosby.

November 18, 1760

1760 November 18 (Tuesday).  Mrs. Rice (Elijah’s Wife) Sends for me.  They think She will not continue.  I rode on Neighbour Newtons Beast there.  Found her very low — but willing, and Choosing to die.  Prayed with her — and again took leave.  Mr. Moses Warrin asked me [to] dine there, which I did — and he rode with me home.  N.B. On Consideration of the Cause of Religion I would not send my first Draught of an Answer to Mr. Hutchinsons Second Letter.  I wrote a meek, moderate one.

November 23, 1760

1760 November 23 (Sunday).  Read Job 41, 2 Cor. 6.  Preached a. and p.m. on Ps. 1, first Comma.  At the Close desired the people to come seasonably to meeting.  Told ‘em that whereas Some had been wont to say that if I would come seasonably, the people would come Seasonably, I had for Several sabbaths come somewhat Seasonably; but it was not to Effect, but that Many persons still came late.  I observed that in the publick Worship, the former part usually was adoration of the divine Being –that many persons lost that — for I had taken notice concerning Some, that for the Space of a Twelve month they were but very few Times present at the Beginning of the Prayer.  I assured the assembly I Should endeavor to be Seasonable unless Some extraordinary Occurrence prevented; or Persons unreasonably detained me with their particular Cases.  N.B. I had desired them to come at 11 o’Clock exactly on the approching Solemnity; and to come together and not so Scatteringly as had been the Custom.  At Eve was much indisposed and went to bed early.

November 24, 1760

1760 November 24 (Monday).  Have had a very poor Night — Pain in my right Cheek chiefly.  And it proving a Wet Day, I went not to the Burial of Mr. Elijah Rice’s Wife — that is to his House which is in Upton — but sent him a Note how it was with me.  Mr. Joseph Morse of Hopkinton dined with us.  P.M. Mr. Benjamin Tainter bears me a message from Mr. Elijah Rice who waits upon the Corps, and the Procession are moving along requesting I would pray with them somewhere.  I directed them into the Meeting House; and prayed there.  I went not to the Grave, because of my Indisposition, and because of the Wet.

November 25, 1760

1760 November 25 (Tuesday).  My Sons, with Mr. Pratts Team, cart muck out of the Stables.  P.M. Nathan Kenny helps them and they get out the Summer Dung and muck of the Cow-yard.  P.M. Mr. Fessenden here.  Also Mrs. Maynard.  I asked Mr. Fessenden to preach the Thanksgiving Sermon.  He answered that he had none — what Text would I give him etc.?  My Son William came from Brookfield.

November 26, 1760

1760 November 26 (Wednesday).  I was So indisposed that I concluded it was best to have Mr. Fessenden prepare.  I had also good forwardness of Preparation — mine was on Exod. 15.11.  P.M. Mr. Fessenden came — and Stydyed [sic] and lodged here.  N.B. a Letter from Mr. Hutchinson by Thomas Stow, concerning my Preaching at Providence which is upon much more welcome Subject than some [others?].

November 27, 1760

1760 November 27 (Thursday).  Publick Thanksgiving but the Weather so Stormy I did not go out.  Mr. Fessenden went to meeting when it was about 7 m. past 11.  There being nobody but Mr. Batherick, besides my Family, he waited a while till somebody else came.  Allowing my Watch to be a little too fast, he could not be supposed to begin before 11.  But I had requested the Congregation would not exceed 11.  I had promised to be Seasonable.  The Congregation did not assemble in Season.  He preached on Ps. 107.8.  He came home 5 m. before One.  Many Seemed Disappointed at the Exercise finishing So soon.  Am informed Mr. Blanc was at meeting.  Billy invited him to come here to dine, but he chose to go to Deacon Tainters.  Mr. Fessenden lodged here.  I had put on Blister and a Poultis — by means of which the Swelling of my Face went down, and Pains of my Teeth ceased.  D. Gr.!