December 10, 1760

1760 December 10 (Wednesday).  Deacon Tainter and Capt. Wood came to kill the Baker Pig, but first weigh it; and though he had had a good Breakfast, yet he weigh’d but 130.  I sent for Mr. Baker, who came; and on his part, tells me he had weighed at home the pigs he had of me — and, though last night, when he weighed them they fell Short but half a Pound a piece — yet this morning he weighed them and they fell short 16 Pound.  But we left our Affair in the Hands of the two Neighbours here with us, who proceeded to kill the Baker Pig.  Deacon Tainter dined here.  Fresh News that Jacob Garfield has the Small Pox at Capt. Maynards.  Mr. Fessenden came from the Very House, and informs here that it is now beyond all Doubt.  May God please to pity the poor Youth — all immediately concerned; and all of us!  My wife endures great Pain and Distress from Day to Day.  I desire tenderly to sympathize, and devoutly to Committ her Case to Him who alone can relieve and help.