January 1, 1761

1761 January 1 (Thursday).  I find my Self too unfit for the important Affair of entertaining the New Year.  God be merciful and gracious to me a poor miserable Sinner!  Instead of the usual morning Reading in Mr. Henry I delivered to my Family Some Serious Reflections on the Commencement of this season: introduced with Ps. 90.12.  My son Baldwin leaves us to go to Boston.  Mr. Whitney p.m.  Deacon Tainter at Eve.

January 4, 1761

1761 January 4 (Sunday).  My wife from Day to Day exercised with grievous Pains; chiefly in her side.  Yet the Cramps were less than Sometimes.  Omitted public Reading, it being a Very tedious Day for the Wind driving the Snow which fell yesterday.  I preached a. and p.m. on Ps. 18.46, first Clause, on the Death of King George II; and accession of King George III; and the New Year.

January 5, 1761

1761 January 5 (Monday).  My Wife bears through the Great Storm of Saturday and the Cold winds which blew about the Snow yesterday, the Extreme Cold also of last night and this morning and is more comfortable as to Spasms — but at Evening had such Indications of approching Travail that Neighbour Batherick being here I desired him to call at Neighbour Pratts, who is ready to hasten to Granny Maynard, which was done: and Alexander went to the widow Newton, whose son brought her.  Capt. Wood went for Mrs. Baker who (I perceive too unwillingly) came.  Both Mrs. Williams’s, Mrs. Pratt and Mrs. Morse came, all of them this Evening, and I commend her to the infinite Mercy and Goodness to God and the kind Assistance of my good Neighbours.

January 6, 1761

1761 January 6 (Tuesday).  About 2 in the morning widow Newton rouses me with the News of a Safe Deliverance and the Birth of a son, of extraordinary Size and Fatness.  To God be all Honour, Praise and Thanksgiving!  Capt. Wood, Neighbour Pratt and Barney Newton comes and assist this morning in waiting upon the Women home, but Alexander with the Slay is very usefull.  Neighbour Barny goes to Mr. Wymans at Shrewsbury for his Aunt Miss Hannah Maynard, to Nurse, who comes.  And Mrs. P________ is very comfortable, and the Child flourishing.  D.G.  I preached at Mr. Whitneys on Eccl. 7.1.  Was at Mr. Blanc’s after the Exercise.

January 8, 1761

1761 January 8 (Thursday).  I visited Mr. Joseph Knowlton and dined and prayed there.  Alexander to Mr. Abbots with Barley.  I Called at Mr. Samuel Fay juniors and had a great deal of discourse with him.  He remains very resolute and obstinate notwithstanding all the gentle offers I make him.  Particularly I offered him to lay our Differences before the Church, and I would Stand by their Judgment, but he utterly refused it.  I prayed him to choose out three wise and Pious Men.  He Should choose all of them himself and they Should hear the Cause, but he said he would do nothing about it more.  He did not intend to spend any more Breath about it.  I parted with Assuring him I was desirous of Reconcilement.  Asked him upon what Terms he would be reconciled?  He told me, on no other than to have the Door opened, and that he might be desired to walk in.  I told him that as to my own part, I was willing to put up the whole Difference.  Asked what he would have of Me?  He replyed, Restoration.  I answered that That was not in my Power: but if the Church would restore him, I would not Oppose.  I called also Mr. Greens and Solomon Bakers, in this visit.  My son Baldwin came from Boston and lodged here.

January 11, 1761

1761 January 11 (Sunday).  Omitted public Reading both a. and p.m.  Preached a.m. on Ps. 18.46.  P.M. by reason of the Singular Circumstances and avocations of last week, repeated a sermon on Phil. 3.10.  Granny Maynard and Cousen Nanny Maynard dined here.  Did not baptize the Child, for I was not ready, but was in hopes of a more agreeable Reconcilement with Mr. Samuel Fay junior.

January 13, 1761

1761 January 13 (Tuesday).  Mr. Fessenden goes to Rutland.  Mr. Monis, Mr. Martyn and his wife dine here.  Their sons John and Michael here, Mr. Johns wife and Child.  These last go to Squire Bakers.  Mr. Fay is gone to Boston, as I hear, so that the Committee and I do not go, as was proposed, to talk with him.  Mr. Whitney, one of them here; but does not go.  Mr. Chamberlin here, and goes to See him if he be not gone.  Finds him at home and returns here at night — [and says?] Mr. Daniel Forbush went also.  But little success with him.

January 15, 1761

1761 January 15 (Thursday).  I Visited Abner Warrin.  Mr. Smith visits us: dines here.  P.M. Dr. Crosby visits my wife, troubled with Hemorroids and but faint.  Dr. Wilson comes (from his visit to Abner Warrin) to See us.  N.B. My wife offers to Mr. Smith to name the Child.  He appears but too difficultly brought to accept of our Disposition to call it by his Name, yet answers my wife that he shall take it as an Honour to have a Namesake in our Family, and to me at parting says, if I Should he shall be obliged to me, and that’s all.

January 16, 1761

1761 January 16 (Friday).  Try Mr. Nathaniel Balls young mare, which I sent for at his Desire yesterday.  Write to Mr. Smith and Send it by Mr. Timothy Warrin Whom I have desired to go to Mr. Smiths to look of an Horse he has to sell, and which I have some desire to buy.  N.B. I omitted that yesterday Mr. Daniel Forb. Sent his son Elisha with two Load of Wood.  At Eve Mr. James Fay of Hardwick and others here.

January 18, 1761

1761 January 18 (Sunday).  Snow Storm, yet not very tedious.  I had prepared a sermon on the Occasion of the Baptism of my Son, which could not be well divided, and would make the Exercises too long if I read.  Therefore omitted publick reading: and because the forenoon Exercise was also unavoidably long also for the Season, therefore omitted Reading both parts of the Day.  Text a.m. was Act. 1.7.  P.M. was Gen. 33.5.  I baptized my infant, Elias.  May JEHOVAM be both his and my God!  Cousen Maynard dined here; as did Mr. Bowman.  N.B. Old Capt. Forbush’s Wife ill with a grievous Sore.

January 21, 1761

1761 January 21 (Wednesday).  Visit Mrs. Hills who has lately lain in.  P.M. Mr. Fessenden from Brookfield, he having preached for Mr. Forb. last Lords Day.  Adam Rice carrys money to Boston to Pay Edes and Gill for the News.  And Mr. Daniel Forb. goes to Boston to pay Mr. Draper for his.  Mrs. Miller here.  She lends me her Horse to Visit old Mrs. Forb.  I seriously exhorted both the Old Captain and his son and Daughter to come to divine Ordinances and Neglect Religion and the Care of their Souls no longer.  I also enquired into the State of the Sick Person, as to her inner Man.  Urged the Duty of Self Examination and at the Captains Request prayed with her.  N.B. Alexander works for Neighbour Nurse in their Sledding Wood.

January 23, 1761

1761 January 23 (Friday).  Roger Bruce came to desire me to go See Amariah Thurston.  I was engaged in my preparations.  It was very Cold and tedious for me to go out so far, but he got me an Horse and I went.  Found Amariah very delirious, and could have no success in Conversing with him.  Prayed with the Family and Neighbours that were there.  Dr. Crosby also there.  I returned in the Evening.

January 25, 1761

1761 January 25 (Sunday).  It was So cold I Still omitted the public Reading.  Preached a.m. on Ps. 1.5.  P.M. repeated, with alterations, Sermon on Act. 1.  O that I might have Some Suitable Effect on my own Heart!  I know I can’t Stand in the Judgment but in the Righteousness of Jesus Christ who is ascended to the right Hand of God.  May my Soul by Faith cleave to Him, and my Affections ascend after Him, that I may dwell with Him continually!

January 27, 1761

1761 January 27 (Tuesday).  Our Nurse, Miss Hannah Maynard, goes to her sister Newtons, as finishing her Nursing; but Mrs. P________ is not yet strong enough to take Care of either herself or the Child.  At Eve Mr. Moses Nurse carrys Miss Hannah to her Brother Nathans.  At night came Mr. Forb. and his Wife, and Miss Sarah Welch from Brookfield in a Two-Horse Sleigh and lodged here.  Fears of the Small pox in their Neighbourhood over.  3 Boys go to Mr. Bowmans school at Deacon Tainters.

January 29, 1761

1761 January 29 (Thursday).  Mr. Nurse’s Horse I rode to the South East End of the Town.  To Mr. Timothy Warrins — Snows — and as far as Duntons.  Received 75£ Old Tenor of Mr. Ithamar Bellows.  Was at Mr. Joslins.  Returned at Eve.  One End of my going was to get help about Wood from Jonas Bradishs.  At Night Billy came from Brookfield.  His Sister Baldwin and Suse stopped at Shrewsbury.  N.B. Poor Amariah Thurston dyed last night.

January 30, 1761

1761 January 30 (Friday).  Messrs. Timothy Warrin and Moses Nurse with their Teams, brought each a Load of wood.  Mr. Daniel Warrin sent an Hand to Chop.  Noah Hardy and John Pratt also went for the Same purpose.  The Place was Mr. Jonas Bradish’s Neck.  For this last gave the wood.  But the Rain broke ‘em off.  P.M. I went to the Funeral of Amariah aforesaid.  A mournful Time indeed!  A young man taken away in such a Manner without the Exercise of his Reason almost from the first Seizure of his Distemper.  At my Return home found Mr. Joshua Emms at My House in the Hue of a Soldier, and who had actually come from Crown-Point.  He tarrys for the Night: but confessing himself unfit for a Bed, Sleeps by the Fire.

January 31, 1761

1761 January 31 (Saturday).  In the Dead of the Night between 2 and 3 o’Clock we are Surprized by the Coming of Lieut. Joseph Stone of Brookfield, in pursuit of my Son and Daughter Forbush; their youngest Daughter, Lydia, being in great Extremitys, and almost beyond Hope of Recovery.  Billy goes to Mr. Daniel Forb. to acquaint him with it.  Who comes before Day, and goes to Boston after his Brother and sister.  Mr. Emms leaves us to go to Boston.  Lt. Stone dines, and then returns to Brookfield.  May God reward him!  Pity the Child if alive, and prepare us for His holy Will!