August 29, 1760

1760 August 29 (Friday).  My Wife went over to visit Mrs. Parker and tarryed the Afternoon.  Mrs. Sarah Grout here and was examin’d.  P.M. Mr. Daniel Forbush here to talk with me about Mr. Wellmans preaching here.  I gave him the Reasons: but I told him that I was not aware it would disquiet so many of my people.  If I had, I would not have asked him.  We had no roughness of Temper; and he goes away quiet.  At Night Capt. Fay came; asks me to preach at his House next Tuesday: but I was obliged to deny him, because I purpose to go a journey next week.  He asked me whether it would be agreeable to me that Mr. Hutchinson Should preach there?  I told him Yes; for I should be glad of all means for their Spiritual and Eternal Good.  He left me a present of Cheese and Apples.  But no word about Mr. Wellman, though he was one that went somewhere else to Meeting that Day he preached here.  [Marginal notation: My Daughter Forb. was delivered of a son, which afterwards was called Eli.]