August 9, 1760

1760 August 9 (Saturday).  Favored with Mr. A. Nurse’s help in mending my old Chair, and with one of Neighbour Moses Nurse’s Horses my wife and I rode to the Funeral of Mr. Cushing.  We dined there.  I was urged by So many to undertake somewhat by way of Character of him, that I did it, though in a broken manner.  The Corps were carryed into the Meeting House, and Prayer was made by Mr. Loring.  He was the first Pall-bearer.  I walked with him: Mr. Martyn and Mr. Stone next.  Mr. Smith and Mr. Morse the other.  The under-bearers were Serjeant Taylor and Mr. Edward Goddard, and the two Deacons, Miles and Knowlton.  Coll. Ward and two more of the Church, as a Committee waited on the Bearers, to desire us to preach to ‘em in our turns — Mr. Swan being agreed with to supply our Pulpits.  Mr. Loring indeed could not consent for tomorrow, it being their Communion.  I could not because of my intended Journey on Monday Morning.  Mr. Stone offers to stay, and Mr. Swan goes to Southborough.  The Next sabbath is for Mr. Loring and the Next to that for Me.  I took sorrowful Leave.  May God Himself grant Support and Directions as the Day requires!  Called a little at Capt. Allens.  N.B. no less than Ten men and women from Worcester there.