August 28, 1760

1760 August 28 (Thursday).  I have heard that Deacon Forb. was under Some Disquietment about Mr. Wellmans preaching here.  I therefore, having Business that way, went to him to talk with him about and shew him the Reasons for my employing him.  N.B. Mr. Abraham Knowlton of Shrewsbury with me.  We ride to Ensign Millers to Speak with Deacon Kimbal.  P.M. Mrs. Maynard rode over, waits on Mrs. Instant and Miss Suse Loe.  At eve Mr. John Fosket junior brings an Order from Mr. William Jones junior of Lunenbourg, which I paid, it being for two Dollars, for his Fathers Service on the Lull Affair.  Nathan Kenny came with a Waggon and carryed over to Capt. Maynards Six Barrells, and brought from Mr. Parker one Barrell of New Cyder: he having made two and somewhat more.