July 17, 1760

1760 July 17 (Thursday).  I rose Early.  Master Fessenden and I broke fast at Dr. Wrights — with his wife.  The Doctor is gone to Sea in the King George.  Rode to Watertown to Lt. Whitneys, where I was kindly entertained.  N.B. Mr. Nathaniel Harringtons Wife buryed to Day.  Was with him to Condole his great Loss.  N.B. Bowman from College, Deacon Tainter, and Jacob Rice ride with me in Company to Coll. Buckminsters where we were all refreshed (on Free Cost).  I had a Comfortable Journey home, and found all in peace.  D.G.  N.B. My Sheep, which had strayed, had come to home in safety.  But Except Alexanders Lameness by running a Nail into his Foot.  And Mr. Moses Twitchell had not come to work as he had engaged, neither Yesterday nor to Day; to my great Disappointment.  Mr. Joseph Chaddock had sent a Letter of Smart Dunning for Thomas’s Debt to him, which Capt. Rolf had promised to discharge.