July 6, 1760

1760 July 6 (Sunday).  Was obliged to exert my Self in my preparation.  But though I was much concerned, I was greatly assisted and Succeeded both in Public and private.  I would praise God for His undeserved Goodness, but desire to be humbled for my own great Defects — for as many avocations as I had last week, yet a great deal of the Time which I had, might have been improved much better.  May God forgive me and make me sensible of the worth of Precious Time!  Though Time may not be spent Viciously, and though it may profitably, yet there are different kinds and Degrees of Profit.  Read Job 27 and 1 Cor. 11.  Preached a. and p.m. on Joh. 3.19.  Old Mrs. Phillips dined here.  A worthy, Serious Woman!