January 10, 1759

1759 January 10 (Wednesday).  P.M. I rode over to Mr. James Maynards to talk with him and his wife about their Daughter in Law, John’s Wife and her making a Confession.  Mr. Maynard not at home.  Mrs. Maynard Shews great Dissatisfaction with her and must have her acknowledge her Offence against them.  I visited Mrs. Lock also and exhorted her to prepare for her Duty in the Baptism of her Child.  I visited at Mr. Gleasons, but he was not at home — rode to Lt. Rice’s to make them a visit.  Capt. Wood and his Wife, and Dr. Crosby and his Wife there.  But one of the main and principal Things in my going out was to See Mr. Joseph Knowlton, who is in a low, weak state of Body, but of a spiritual Turn of mind, and comfortable Evidence of his Good Estate towards God.  I Supped there — prayed with Mr. Knowlton and the Family, his son and wife and a Number of Young persons besides attending.  Rain all the way in coming home — so that I was very Wet.