January 9, 1759

1759 January 9 (Tuesday).  Miss Betty Johnson leaves us; having made cloths for most of my Sons as well as for me.  Capt. Wood and I rode to visit Mr. Barrett and his son; They and theirs having gone through a variety of Changes, especially the Death of one Negro man (Scipio) and sickness of another (Titus) but great Mercys intermixed; their House saved from Burning — but especially young Mr. Barrett a son lately born John.  We dined there, and returning at Eve called at Mr. Crosmans.  N.B. was at Mr. Biglow’s as I went and enquired into the womans Conduct — especially last Friday night.  Found it very bad.  Am extremely grieved to find the Family So divided and disorderly.  May God grant ‘em His almighty Grace that they may See their wickedness and reform!