January 5, 1759

1759 January 5 (Friday).  Breck goes again to t’other House to wait for Lt. Stone — who came here, and dined with us — p.m. he sat out for Brookfield.  Miss Betty Johnson came about 10 a.m.  Mr. Daniel Forb. dined with us.  P.M. Mr. Hall of Sutton here in his return from Boston.  N.B. Mr. Samuel Forb. of Upton brought me from Boston my (mended) Baxter Vol. 1, and Fox’s acts and monuments — Vol. 2, which I have borrowed of my Kinsman Mr. Samuel Procter, Keeper of the Alms-House, Boston.  At night, near 11 o’Clock (or full 1/2 after 10) comes Noah Bigolow with earnest Desire to go over to their House.  His Father he says is in great Distress on account of his Mother who is well-liquored (I think was his Expression) and by further enquiry I find there is a great Rout.  I could not go.  I was not well enough to Venture — but told him if they needed me in the morning, and he would come with an Horse I would go.  O wofull Condition of the poor, miserable Family!  May God of his infinite Mercy pity them, convince, reform and pardon them And direct me in my Duty to them!