January 1, 1759

1759 January 1 (Monday).  Notice of the Commencement of the Year.  Cannot but gratefully recognize the divine Benefits, especially through the Co [?]  I thought it proper to take Some Special religious use of this Year past: would praise God therefor; But would deeply humble my Soul before God for my aggravated multiplyed Miscarriages — beg of Him the continuance of His Favours with the Addition of Such other as shall be needed, but especially that He would grant Grace rightly to improve them — It is also most fit and but a reasonable Service to renew the Dedication of my Self in Covenant unto God: this therefore (though in a poor manner) is attempted.


At Evening I had comfortable, Spiritual Conference with Mr. Nathaniel Whitney.  May God bless it to each of us; and quicken us to make more such Opportunitys!  He pays 20/ O.T. for his News paper.

January 3, 1759

1759 January 3 (Wednesday).  Lieut. Joseph Stone of Brookfield here — says he is come with a Message from my son, to have Breck go up again: and he’ll come for him tomorrow.  At Eve Deacon Burnap of Hopkinton and Deacon Tainter comes and weighs and cutts out my Beef.  Weight was 19 Score and Eight pound, the Quarters — 35 lb. Tallow.

January 4, 1759

1759 January 4 (Thursday).  Breck goes to meet Lt. Stone according to agreement but returns again; Lt. not coming to go up.  Mr. Joseph Bowman keeps School at Deacon Tainters.  I Send Alexander who begins to learn Latin: Samuel and John also go to School.  Mr. Greenw. of Sutton here.  Their Disquietment with Mr. Wellman no less.  Mrs. Jane King Maynard here in order to get her Child Baptised — and is ready to make her Confession.  She tells me her Husband is gone off: it is not known where.

January 5, 1759

1759 January 5 (Friday).  Breck goes again to t’other House to wait for Lt. Stone — who came here, and dined with us — p.m. he sat out for Brookfield.  Miss Betty Johnson came about 10 a.m.  Mr. Daniel Forb. dined with us.  P.M. Mr. Hall of Sutton here in his return from Boston.  N.B. Mr. Samuel Forb. of Upton brought me from Boston my (mended) Baxter Vol. 1, and Fox’s acts and monuments — Vol. 2, which I have borrowed of my Kinsman Mr. Samuel Procter, Keeper of the Alms-House, Boston.  At night, near 11 o’Clock (or full 1/2 after 10) comes Noah Bigolow with earnest Desire to go over to their House.  His Father he says is in great Distress on account of his Mother who is well-liquored (I think was his Expression) and by further enquiry I find there is a great Rout.  I could not go.  I was not well enough to Venture — but told him if they needed me in the morning, and he would come with an Horse I would go.  O wofull Condition of the poor, miserable Family!  May God of his infinite Mercy pity them, convince, reform and pardon them And direct me in my Duty to them!

January 6, 1759

1759 January 6 (Saturday).  No Horse from Bigolow’s — bad riding and bad weather and I am engaged in my preparations.  Thomas had the promise of my mare to go out of Town — but though he brought her over from t’other Barn, yet does not use her because of the dangerous Holes in the roads, and bad weather.  Miss Betty Johnson.

January 7, 1759

1759 January 7 (Sunday).  We are to bless God that not only the New Year has begun, but He permitts us to begin the Sabbaths of the Year!  To His Name be Glory!  Read 1 Chron. 35 and John 20.  Preached a. and p.m. on 2 Cor. 4.18.  And O that God would pardon my Weakness and Miscarriages, and add His efficacious Blessing, for my own as well as the people’s profiting!  In the Evening after Family Exercises, read some accounts of the Martyrs and their suffering — especially Mr. Lamberts.  May God grant us Establishment in the Faith!

January 8, 1759

1759 January 8 (Monday).  Miss Betty Johnson who tarried with us over the Sabbath, is helping my wife in various Employments.  I had purposed to go to Mr. Biglows and to Mr. Barrets to Day but the Weather was too rugged for my tender Constitution.  At Eve walked to Mr. Zebulun Rice’s and Capt. Woods — but am Cautious of tarrying at the last.  Duly agree to go to Hopkinton tomorrow, God willing.

January 9, 1759

1759 January 9 (Tuesday).  Miss Betty Johnson leaves us; having made cloths for most of my Sons as well as for me.  Capt. Wood and I rode to visit Mr. Barrett and his son; They and theirs having gone through a variety of Changes, especially the Death of one Negro man (Scipio) and sickness of another (Titus) but great Mercys intermixed; their House saved from Burning — but especially young Mr. Barrett a son lately born John.  We dined there, and returning at Eve called at Mr. Crosmans.  N.B. was at Mr. Biglow’s as I went and enquired into the womans Conduct — especially last Friday night.  Found it very bad.  Am extremely grieved to find the Family So divided and disorderly.  May God grant ‘em His almighty Grace that they may See their wickedness and reform!

January 10, 1759

1759 January 10 (Wednesday).  P.M. I rode over to Mr. James Maynards to talk with him and his wife about their Daughter in Law, John’s Wife and her making a Confession.  Mr. Maynard not at home.  Mrs. Maynard Shews great Dissatisfaction with her and must have her acknowledge her Offence against them.  I visited Mrs. Lock also and exhorted her to prepare for her Duty in the Baptism of her Child.  I visited at Mr. Gleasons, but he was not at home — rode to Lt. Rice’s to make them a visit.  Capt. Wood and his Wife, and Dr. Crosby and his Wife there.  But one of the main and principal Things in my going out was to See Mr. Joseph Knowlton, who is in a low, weak state of Body, but of a spiritual Turn of mind, and comfortable Evidence of his Good Estate towards God.  I Supped there — prayed with Mr. Knowlton and the Family, his son and wife and a Number of Young persons besides attending.  Rain all the way in coming home — so that I was very Wet.

January 11, 1759

1759 January 11 (Thursday).  Thomas went yesterday to Marlborough and Sudbury — but returns this Evening and Timothy (son of Beriah) Rice, who lives at Westfield with him.  N.B. Mr. Goodale of Grafton dined here.  Mr. Zebulun Rice at Eve.  Pays for his News Paper from Edes and Gill; 20/ old Tenor.  Mr. Ebenezer Rice Sends his son Joseph with his Team to bring me a Load of pine which Alexander provided in my Hill.  Mrs. Biglow here — asks forgiveness etc.

January 12, 1759

1759 January 12 (Friday).  Mr. Ephraim Sherman junior returns from Boston having paid Two Dollars for me in full to Mr. Kneeland for 7 Edwards on Original Sin; which I now returned to said Mr. Sherman.  N.B. He brought me from Mr. Kneeland Mr. Thomas Barnards Sermon at the Manufactory Lecture, and Maylems poem on the Conquest of Louisbourg.  Deacon Tainter comes and kills a sow pig for me, weighs 126 pound.  He comes also kindly at night and cutts and Salts and Supps.  I present him Doolittle’s Young Mans Instructor and old mans remembrancer, which I formerly bought of Mr. Richard (afterwards Coll.) Saltonstall.

January 18, 1759

1759 January 18 (Thursday).  Mr. Oliver Carter from Leominster comes with Request of Help in preparing them for the General Court; they being next Wednesday to Shew Reasons, if any they have, why the prayer of the Petition of Coll. White and others may not be granted.  He tarrys here over night.  I undertake to make some Remarks on the Result of the Council which Mr. Rogers of Leominster and his adhering Brethren called, and which sat November 29, 1757.

January 20, 1759

1759 January 20 (Saturday).  This morning Mr. Carter receives of me the chief of the papers of our Council, engaging to return ‘em safely to me again.  They are No. 1 to 22, except 3, viz. No. 9, 14, 21.  I deliver him my Remarks — they are writ as for Mr. William Fairfield to whom I also Send a Line by Hand of Mr. Carter.  My Son John very ill.  Dr. Chase sent for and comes — Says the Child has somewhat of Pleurisy.  N.B. The Doctor says he will come in the Morning and will go to Meeting.  Whereas he has not been at our meeting this year or two as I suppose.

January 22, 1759

1759 January 22 (Monday).  I walked to Capt. Maynards to bespeak his Meadow that joins to me — which he promises to me So far as this that he says I may depend upon it, if he does let it to any body.  He acquaints me that he expects to be marryed tomorrow night; and desires me and my wife to meet him at his House on Wednesday Evening.  At Evening I reckoned with Mrs. Ruhamah Newton and paid her Interest and her Account — went over to Capt. Woods and Supped there.  John Worse again.

January 23, 1759

1759 January 23 (Tuesday).  In going to Lieut. Rolfs I went to Cramberry pond and Thomas being with me I put on the skates a little while (which I have not done for many years) to Shew him.  John and Jo. Blanc return home, but I saw them not.  Alexander a Second Time disgusted with Learning and would throw up, but I now keep him to’t, since I have thrown by Business I designed he should do, and willingly go without it for his sake.

January 24, 1759

1759 January 24 (Wednesday).  Mr. John Brigham of Sudbury (one handed man) dined with me, tells me Capt. Maynard and Mrs. Anne Brigham were marryed last Night.  Just before Night I went over to Capt. Maynards as he had desired, to meet him as Bridegroom with his Bride — (his phrase was he then designed to bring home his Wife).  My Wife did not incline to go, her Child was very tendfull — and John was Sick, though to Day much better; yet this is (according to usual Course) his sick Day.  To God be praise and Glory.  It was also somewhat odd that our Children were not invited to Wedding (as neither were we ourselves) nor were any of them to His Entertainment though many others were, not nearer related than they.  But ‘tis prob[ab]le their Thoughts were too much engaged to think much of This So Small Affair.  It was very Cold.  I walked there, and returned o’ foot.  I left at them at nine o’Clock, omitting Singing, rather than run the venture of being too late.  Asked Cousen Sally Brigham, Mr. Speakman and Master Wheeler who came with her, to lodge at our House.  But the Distance and especially the Cold, were sufficient Excuse with them.

January 28, 1759

1759 January 28 (Sunday).  Read Ezra 1, Acts 1.  Preach’d all Day on 1 Cor. 4.18.  Was my Self much moved, and discovered it in delivering those most weighty Things.  My Concern the night and morning was Very great.  I feverently pray it may be lasting, and terminate in my own highest good.  And may it have a proper Effect on the Audience!  The Widows Judith Bellows and Patience Woods dined here.

January 30, 1759

1759 January 30 (Tuesday).  My son Baldwin goes on his Journey to Boston.  My Wife p.m. rides to see her Kinswoman Maynard.  Capt. Wood tells me that Ensign Jeduthun Fay told at their House that I was at Capt. Maynards that night he brought his Wife home, till one o’Clock: whereas it was but nine.  Mr. Nathaniel Whitney here at Evening.  I delivered him six pounds Lawful money from Jabez Ayres junior of Brookfield — which money was brought down by my son Baldwin, and was committed to me for Mr. Whitney.  N.B. I saw him endorse it on Ayres’s Note.