August 17, 1758

1758 August 17 (Thursday).  Fair.  I rode to Marlborough to Mr. Daniel Wards to pay 50£ O.T. for my son Forbush and took up his Note.  Carryed with me a remarkable Book which I borrowed of Mr. Smith, the History of the Devil, which I have read and found Some usefull Things in.  But heard he was gone to Stow — and therefore did not go.  I had designed also to see the widow Brigham — but I sent her Interest money by Mr. Willard Wheeler, School Master.  Returned and dined at home.  P.M. attended a Catechetical Exercise to Young Women.  Delivered my Second Exercise on the Assemblys Catechism, which is from page 5 to 10.  24 young women present.  N.B. did not sing by reason of my hoarseness — but read the Stanzas — viz. Ps. 36.7-11.