August 10, 1758

1758 August 10 (Thursday).  Am waiting for Mr. Forbush.  Dr. Gott and Mr. Uriah Gilbert take Horses and resolve to go till they meet him though they Should go to Springfield.  Dined at my son Baldwins.  My Daughter Baldwin somewhat feeble, dull and relaxed again.  Afraid she shall return into her former Disorders.  My Son Ebenezers Wife is troubled with sore Breasts and sore Nipples.  At Eve I being at Mr. Forb. and a Number of his Neighbours waiting to See him, he came.  And though yesterday he lay by at Springfield, having taken physick there, yet now he was in a Comfortable State.  N.B. he found not his Watch; though his going back was So great an inconvenience to him that he was obliged to ride 70 Miles that Day; which proved too hard for him and caused the illness which detained him at Springfield.