August 2, 1758

1758 August 2 (Wednesday).  Dr. Hemingway came in the morning and opened my Wife’s Breast.  Dr. Rice was also present.  It was no more than a blood-letting, as to the Doctors part.  My Wife bore it with a good Spirit.  Its issue was corrupt Matter and Blood.  The Doctors went to Breakfast with me.  Dr. Hemingway asked me 40/ old Tenor.  I gave him 4 Pissarenes, which was to his Content.  About 11 I Sat out for Brookfield.  Did not dine till I got to Capt. Curtis’s.  At 3 1/2 p.m. sat off from thence.  Called at my son Baldwins to rejoice in the divine Goodness to them — but lodged at my Daughter Forb. whose Child is yet alive, but is very weak, tender, premature Babe.  Rice (Ebenezer) of College, lodged with me there.