August 7, 1758

1758 August 7 (Monday).  Old Lieut. Gilbert very kindly waited upon me all Day, in visiting as I most inclined.  A.M. we went to Mr. Watsons where we had an handsome Breakfast.  We dined at Justice Convers’s.  The Esquire went with us Capt. Wolcotts where I lodged a Letter for Mr. Forbush and one for Billy in the Army.  I rode also to See the Ministers of the other Parishes, and the forementioned Gentlemen with me — but Mr. Fisk was not at home so that I did not see him.  The Visit to Mr. Parsons was late, about or after Sunsett.  My return to my Daughter Forb. was therefore in the Evening.  Her Infant remains in the same low state in which I first saw it.