April 27, 1758

1758 April 27 (Thursday).  I have several Times tryed to move my Billy from his purpose of going into the War, if he could get off; or to See whether he would repent of his ‘listing — but he remains fervent.  He is also so desirous of my Gun that I yield to please him.  Alexander goes with him as far as Leicester with my mare to help him along; he intending to go to Brookfield to Night.  Alexander returns well.  N.B. I walked to Mr. Jonathan Bruce’s, and took up my note with him, paying him 30£ old Tenor principal and 10/ (of like money) Interest.  P.M. I attended a Catechetical Exercise to young Women.  Begun the Catechism again and repeated my first Exercise in Explanation of it.  N.B. there were 28 young women and Girls there.  N.B. Adam with his Uncle Adonijah Rice work p.m. mending Island Fence.