April 19, 1758

1758 April 19 (Wednesday).  Have not time to visit my Wife’s Relations.  At Meeting was unusually Cold by reason of the wind of the Front Doors blowing fresh upon me as I sat at the Table under the Pulpit.  P.M. in returning home called at Mr. Ephraim Hows and Settled my Account of Interest with him and over paid 20/ of principal — took up my old notes, but gave him a new one for £10.13.4 L.M.  Called at Mr. Joseph Brighams who is sick, confined by Indispositions.  At Evening arrived at Home under Disadvantages for the keeping my Mare: for though I have English Hay enough (as I hope) at my old Barn, and have great plenty of Meadow Hay here, I have now no English Hay at all here.